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Stolen Rubber Arrested

The Rubber Brokers and Farmers Union of Liberia have reportedly arrested a consignment of rubber believed to have been stolen from the Salala Rubber Cooperation (SRC) in Margibi County. The arrests were made in Thomas Town and another town identified as crimes breeding sties in the county.

The arrests were made by the leadership of the Union, and the alleged perpetrators turned over to the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Kakata for legal prosecution at the Magisterial Court.

But after forty-eight hours without any personal ownership, the stolen rubber was conveyed to the SRC following legal procedure by the leadership of the Rubber Brokers Union and a court officer.

Mr.Sayekea, according to our Margibi County Correspondent, immediately turned over the consignment of rubber which weighed 510 kg to the SRC management in Weala, Margibi County.

The Union President revealed that the rubber was notified to have been owned by the Salala Rubber Cooperation (SRC) because it was arrested within the vicinity of the cooperation at some unauthorized stations. He expressed the hope that court investigates and prosecutes anyone claiming ownership of the rubber in order to serve as precedence to other criminals.

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