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Stop depriving gov’t of taxes

-Angry protestors warn Orange Liberia

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A local group, Concerned Citizens of Liberia warns the mobile phone company Orange Liberia, to stop depriving the Government of Liberia of taxes by dubiously hacking operation of rival networks in the country.

In an interview with this paper Monday, 21 January CCL head Nathan G. Dahu notes that Orange Liberia’s dubious activity deprives the government of taxes, stressing, “We the citizens will not sit and watch this company to continue this dubious act which puts additional burden on the economy, because government finds it difficult to get it taxes from companies that are responsible to pay taxes.”

He says citizens have a duty to tell the company to desist from such unscrupulous business practice, as the government needs those taxes to pay civil servants, which would have trickledown effects on the entire country people will send their children to school and meet other obligations in the home.

He says it is unfortunate that people would think the group is being paid to demonstrate before Orange Liberia office in Monrovia. “We cannot sit under our watchful eyes and watch government being duped of her taxes while the government is crying for money; this is our responsibility to take up the challenge so as to give government what belongs to it.”

Dahu wants government to investigate recent report by the BBC which circulated in the public that Orange Liberia hacked rival company Lone Star Cell MTN network in order to bring the French company to book thru due process.Orange Liberia reportedly hired a British to hack Lonestar Cell MTN network, something that prompted the latter to go to court.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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