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Stop discriminating Ebola survivors! Health Ministry warns

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has warned Liberians to stop stigmatizing Ebola survivors in their various communities.

The chair of Ebola Social Mobilization Committee at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Rev.  John Sumo, said Ebola survivors can help save another Ebola patient’s life, so Liberians who are in the act of discriminating Ebola survivors should stop.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information over the weekend, Rev. Sumo said, the fear of stigmatization has led to so many people hiding their sicknesses and most of them feeling reluctant to seek medical attention thus, putting many people at risk.

He said that whenever a person is discharged and certificated of being Ebola free, community dwellers should welcome them home. He also said that once a person is Ebola-free, there is no possibility that he or she can transmit or get the virus again.

He noted that Korlia Bonarwola, a Physician Assistant contacted the virus after treating an effected patient.  But after Korlia Bonarwola recovered from the virus and was certificated, he faces serious discrimination in his community.

Rev. Sumo also said that the blood of an Ebola free person can help to save the life of another Ebola patient, noting that most of the Ebola survivors have dedicated their services to the Health Ministry to take care of affected patients.

He also said that the Ebola survivors can take care of an affected person without wearing Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs because there is no possibility of them getting the virus again.

He noted that the infection rate in the country is reducing and stigmatizing survivors will help spread the virus because others will be afraid to show up when they are sick. “Even after they have recovered and discharged, people still believe they carry the virus” Rev Sumo narrated.

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