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Stop grieving over Helicopter blockade Dr. Cassell, Pres. Weah is doing you a big favor!

Dr. Cassell, the second flamboyant political standard-bearer, of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), next to the then jailed President Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor, political leader of the National Patriotic Party, NPP was notoriously known for his top-up Presidential flamboyant as well as wearing eye-catching glamour and flashy gold necklace, a giant size gold ring, gold teeth, a heavy gold watch, silver belt, and valuable gold bracelets that match Dr. Cassell’s flamboyant status as he parades among impoverished Liberians showcasing the strength of his symbolic giant seize gold ring, a large size heavy gold necklace supported by a set of a strong gold bracelet.

The well-educated (Ph.D., MPH, LCADC, CCS, CSOTS) American-Liberian style politician with deep-seated Western-style lobbyist tendencies as one of Liberia’s latest Philanthropies turned savior of a growing hungry population of Liberians, he possesses an intimidating personality with a typical fearful African Presidential appearance. Though Dr. Cassell is struggling assiduously to earn political name recognition for himself by modernizing and revolutionizing the ancient political landscape of the Liberian political system, he is unpredictably furious and desperately uneasy over CDC-led government moves to place a direct blockade on his Helicopter’s heading to Liberia.

The CDC-led government of President Weah is worth 85-million dollars in a very poor country like Liberia. President Weah has the economic might to purchase as many Helicopters he wants at taxpayers’ expense, but President moves could raise eyebrows, and that could trekker serious discontentment among the impoverished masses of Liberia especially those that lived below $1 a day for their survivors.

Dr. Cassell’s modern Helicopter is a serious test case and a formidable challenge to Presidents’ political accumulated popularities over the years. For instance, if Dr. Cassell succeeds in bringing his Helicopter and begins to fly from county to county given his American presidential status and cash prestige, the indigenous Liberians could easily abandon and/or forget about President Weah’s last visit with them. They could easily gravitate to Dr. Cassell since he is the latest rich Liberian who is able and capable to eliminate their hard shift by wiping down their tears as President in waiting.

Most indigenous Liberians may easily conclude that President Weah is digging heavily into taxpayers’ funds to blow his horn as Liberia’s most celebrated President in modern time. Though Dr. Cassell brought his heavy and large US cash to share with less-fortunate Liberians, it is a big deal for the CDC-led government whose cash flow comes directly from suffering indigenous Liberian taxpayers. But no doubt, President Weah will consider Dr. Cassell’s economic power as a challenge to his Presidency. But Dr. Cassell is certainly not a political novel.

There is a worrying signal that Dr. Cassell is the American government’s favorite presidential instrument among all the opposition political leaders in Liberia.

This unverifiable news may have some iota of truth in it because Dr. Cassell is well-rooted in the US and he is well connected as well according to a reliable source. Such news could have the potential to slow the regular blood flow of die-hard Cedecians and even cause President Weah a sleepless night for hours. But many level-headed Liberians are closer to the conclusion that Dr. Cassell came purposely to modernize and revolutionize Liberia’s political landscape with American-style politics and the immediate use of Dr. Cassell’s modern Helicopter was to begin such a trek within the Liberian political setting.

But the CDC-led government blockade of Dr. Cassell’s Helicopter is basically to slow down Dr. Cassell’s unstoppable political speed so that he might not overtake the speed of President Weah, who doesn’t at least for now stop thinking about Dr. Cassell. But the CDC-led action of blocking Dr. Cassell could be interpreted by political pundits as a sign of political weakness and a lack of strategies on the part of the CDC-led government to face Dr. Cassell’s hard cash flow power. Nonetheless, there is also another flip and positive side to Dr. Cassell’s Helicopter’s saga which could be in Dr. Cassell’s best political and surviving interest as well.

The Helicopter could be challenged by witchcraft in witchcrafts ‘territories in one of the counties thus causing it to crash and kill Dr. Cassell. Furthermore, the Helicopter could be packing on the government’s properties either at the RIA or at the James Springfield airfield, and Dr. Cassell will not be sleeping in that Helicopter neither his score of security men would do.

Anybody could place a strange device in Dr. Cassell Helicopter unknown to him which may explode thus causing a crash in which Dr. Cassell could get killed while flying from one county to another. Or a strange person could easily shoot at the Helicopter from an unknown location thus killing Dr. Cassell and others.

 Liberia is a very dangerous place given the terrible political atmosphere in which there are ongoing mysterious deaths with the CDC-led government on the defensive. Liberia is highly unpredictable; anything can happen in politics. Therefore, the CDC-led government of President Weah is doing Dr. Cassell’s a big favor by placing a blockade on his Helicopter not entering Liberia at least is to spare Dr. Cassell’s precious life from being destroyed early rather than later in a Helicopter crash. The hint to the wise is sufficient. By Jones Mallay


The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by the Searchlight Communications Inc. Office is located on The UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is a bilingual (both English & French).
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