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Stop risking others! LMC warns Ebola patients

The Officer-In-Charge at the Liberia Media Center or LMC Lamin Kporgii, is urging Liberians to stop putting their fellow citizens and others at risk with the Ebola virus. He said infected or suspected Ebola patients risk the lives of others if they do not report to health authorities and go ahead in riding aboard public vehicles.

According to him, people who are infested with the virus know it and intentionally interact with others in the public who do not know that they are carriers, noting that the virus carriers do not want to go to hospital for fear of being isolated, while some escape the isolation centers, terming such persons as being the worst Ebola transmitters.

Lamin told The NewDawn that the Liberia Media Center has joined the Ebola fight by helping the government in educating the public, saying the center has dispatched reporters to various counties to conduct mass sensitization about the virus. He also said that the Liberia Media Center has worked along with some civil society initiative and donated bleach for washing, soap and other anti Ebola materials to the Ministry of Information.

He noted that the treatment centers alone are not the only solution to stop Ebola, saying,  if one is carried to the treatment center that person may likely die then if he or she adhere to the preventive tips. The O-I-C said one solution is for Liberians to stop the denial and to stop the spread of the virus.

According to him, self preservation is better for all Liberians instead of waiting for the Government to keep telling them that Ebola is real. “In the case that everyone will take heed to the necessary prevention methods, then all negative cases will remain negative”, he asserted.

He said the media will continue to educate the public and that the way the messages are disseminated around the country, will help Liberians to know what to do better in preventing themselves from Ebola.

“The JFK incident that happened when Ebola patients came out of the isolation center to eat, was not done deliberately by the Government, because if you isolate or quarantine an area, you must carry food for the people”, he emphasized.

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