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Stop sending children to garbage sites

-Advocacy group

Save the Future of Liberian Children (SFLC) warns Liberian parents, especially women, to stop allowing children to take wastes to disposal sites.
Directress Ms. Pauline Cook Dennis gave the warning Monday, 8 July at her office in Paynesville City, while speaking with reporters.

She says it is disheartening to see children at various waste disposal sites around the city with huge garbage from their parents, heading for Monrovia City Corporation dump sites.

She wonders whether those parents are considering the dangerous consequences associated with garbage that could cause their children to contract diseases especially, during the rainy season.

She calls on relevant authorities responsible for garbage disposal in the country such as the MCC to put in place measures that would prevent minors from being used to carry dirt from homes to disposal sites which exposes them to serious health risk.

A mother of four children herself, Ms. Dennis notes there are many reasons why children should not be allowed to play with garbage, indicating that garbage contains various kinds of waste, including human waste that exposes children to diseases.

She adds that sometimes there are dead bodies (babies) placed in some of the waste taken to disposal sites and when children come in contact with them, they can cause serious harm to their safety.

“Just take a walk to some of the garbage disposal sites in Monrovia and its environs; you will see underage children who supposed to be focusing on their lessons, are on the dump sites with their bare hands, playing into the waste. Do you know that at least 20 percent of our children gets sick because they came in contact with waste that they should not see?” She asks.

Meanwhile, during a visit to some dump sites within Monrovia this writer observes that the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) has begun turning away children taking waste at MCC garbage sites, instead, asking adults to dispose of waste from their homes.

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During the field visit, some parents were in confusion with MCC workers at some of the sites, disagreeing with them for refusing children to dispose of waste materials at the dilapidated dump sites containing feces and other harmful elements that could endanger children’s lives.

Monrovia is engulfed with tons of uncollected garbage, oozing stench in the air and posing severe health hazard to residents.By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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