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Strange ship abandoned in Robertsport

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A strange ship purportedly carrying flag under Nigerian maritime has been abandoned in Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County, western Liberia at a site leading to a mountain in Sendelhun Town.

Panic is said to be building up in the area as locals are raising questions surrounding the intent of the abandonment of the vessel marked “TAMAYA 1” since Tuesday evening, May 3, after three unknown men allegedly disembarked it and absconded elsewhere via a canoe.

Police authorities in Monrovia say riot officers from the Police Support Unit or PSU, who are already based in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount, were being dispatched to the site where the ship has been ducked as of the afternoon hours of Wednesday, 4 May.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Sam Collins, said crowds were building up at the scene, but PSU officers were not allowing the public to enter the site of the vessel. Mr. Collins said the police are working along with other state security agencies, including the army, immigration and maritime to establish how the vessel got here.

“We are dispatching troops to the area; PSU officers that are already based in Sinje were picked up in the afternoon to secure the site where the strange ship has been unceremoniously ducked,” Mr. Collins told journalists during interview Wednesday.

Earlier speaking to a source, who preferred anonymity for security reason, The NewDawn was hinted that the ship was allegedly carrying flag under Nigerian maritime. The source had said curious residents converged on the scene to view the ship, but added that they were raising suspicion and fears as to whether their waters would not be infested by unknown persons.

The source said what appeared to shock locals most was the fact that they could not see crew members come out of the abandoned ship except for just three strange men who had reportedly gotten down and absconded via canoe.

There has been no official comment from the Liberia Maritime Authority, responsible for vessels or activities on Liberian waters, though state security forces are said to be investigating the origin of the strange ship and it enters Liberian waters straight into the western region.

Suspicions and concerns being raised by locals are understandable because it may be recalled that in the 80s during the regime of slain President Samuel Kanyon Doe, strange vessels entered Liberian waters in connivance with some government officials and dumped toxic chemicals in the southeast of the country, posing serious threat to citizens’ lives.

By Winston W. Parley-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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