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Students laud re-opening of Bong Technical College

Students of the Bong County Technical College in Gbarnga, Bong County are commending President Ellen Johnson Sirelaf for appointing Dr. Charles K. Mulbah as acting President of the College, which has led to its timely re- opening.

In her appointment letter dated October 8, 2017, President Sirleaf requested Dr. Mulbah to work with the Board of Directors of the college and the Bong County Legislative Caucus to reopen the institution.

“As you are aware, we have appointed a search committee for the recruitment of the president for the college on a permanent basis,” the letter reads and adds, “However, as the college is at a critical stage in its development, we cannot afford to leave the position vacant for an extended period.”

In an interview with this paper on the college’s main campus in Gboveh Hill Community, Gbarnga, the acting President of the student government of the college Thomas Brucenell Kertor describes the appointment of Dr. Mulbah by the Liberian leader as a serious boost not only to the administration, but students as well.

Ketor recalls that since he took over, Dr. Mulbah continues to work with others in administration as well as members of the faculty and stakeholders, a situation he notes is responsible for rapid improvement on campus.

He narrates that Dr. Mulbah has been at the college for less than fifty days, but has been able to initiate several reforms to the astonishment of the students. He cites as an example, reduction of fees for credit hours from six to five United States Dollars, while registration has also been drastically reduced from the initial US$150.00 to US$75.00.

” I think Dr. Mulbah really means well as far as making the Bong County Technical College accessible and encouraging us( students) to take advantage; this could not have been possible had it not been for the decision of President Sirleaf to appoint Dr. Mulbah, Ketor”, Ketor continues.

He explains that Dr. Mulbah has also mandated that all scholarship students indebted to the college should receive their grade sheets, while administration works with donors to ensure those fees are paid.

Kertor told this paper that the office of the Dean for Student Services has issued a memo, giving go ahead to all students to establish campus based organizations, and all is being done to ensure election for a leadership of the student government.

Cecelia Kerkulah, a student of the college told says although much was done in the past, but the first time a scrutinized course guide has been prepared for students to know where to go and what to do to graduate.

The library on campus is fully functioning, while laboratory is gradually nearing completion, says student Jutomue Taylor.This paper gathers that Dr. Mulbah-led administration is working assiduously with other institutions, including the Cuttington University to build a relationship aimed at strengthening the learning environment at the college.

The Bong County Technical College is a four-year degree awarding institution in the disciplines of Agriculture, Mining and Civil engineering, Computer Science as well as Education, and Health and Allied Sciences. President Sirleaf shut down the college in June this year, following series of protests by students in demand of a president.

Prior to his appointment as Interim President, Dr. Mulbah served as dean of the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Development at the Cuttington University. -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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