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The Ministry of Youth and Sports, in collaboration with the Liberia Athletics Federation and Inter School Sports Association, has successfully completed a two days Athletics competition held at the SKD complex.

Several schools participated in the 800meters, 100meters, 4,400meters relay, 1,400meters relay, Long Jump and High Jump events, although most of the students got their first experience on the track. The event was headed by Mr. Bill Sheriff, one of the national athletics team coaches.

Booker Washington Institute won the Championship of the Athletics tournament with the total accumulated points of (230) Two Hundred and Thirty, while Risks Institute came second collecting (220) Two Hundred and Twenty points, and Wells Harriston finished third with (170) One Hundred and Seven Points.

The competition showed lots of exciting movements from various schools, Risk Institute had the highest number of student in the final and they produced some of the best participants.

In the women 100 Meters, Queenalah Jackson of Risks Institute became champion by clocking 0:00:13:16, Sarah Burphy from Wells Harriston came 2nd with 0:00:14:14 and 3rd place Yawah Johnson clocked 0:00:14:16”.

In the Men 100meters, Sylvester Massaquoi came 1st by clocking 0:00:11:6’, Henry Bettie finished 2nd in 0:00:11:67’and Peter Kollie took last place, clocking 0:00:11:74.

In the 800meters female event, Jessica Kamara of Calvary Temple finished in 0:02:49, Kumasah Kollie of Well Harriston came 2nd by lining 0:02:50:33’ and Hawa Sheriff came 3rd in 0:02:50.

In the 800meters men event, Maxim Fallah was fastest by clocking the time keeper at 0:02:07, Amos Sumo caught the time at 0:02:72:02  to take second position, while Musa Kamara of St Dominic from Bomi County came 3rd in  0:02:09.

The collective effort event called Relay saw some remarkable speeds, in the 4 by 400meters men relay, the power horses of BWI from Margibi county finished 1st place by completing their 1,600meters in 0:04:04:60,  2nd winner G.W Gibson clocked 0:04:13 and Wells Harriston came last clocking 0:04:16:28.

In the Long Jump, Morris Kamara of Lango Lapie jumped the longest distance of 18.5’’ totaling 15pts to become champion, Sylvester Massaquoi of BWI from Margibi County jumped 17.10” totaling 10 points taking second position and Frankie Nagbe of St. Michael Catholic High School finished 3rd  with 17.08” totaling 5 points.

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