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Students protest at Tubman University

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Days after students from the College of Engineering and Technology of the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County staged a peaceful protest in demand of dean and lecturers, students of the other five colleges of TU have joined the protest, this time around, calling for the resignation of the university president, Dr. Elliot Wreh-Wilson for alleged corruption.

In a statement on Wednesday, February 17, 2020, the protesting students said, “We have come passionate with a heart full of love for our institution (Tubman University) in this quest to abolish corruption, nepotism, and gross administrative malpractices and ensure a quality education for our generation and the generations to follow. Therefore, we will unequivocally and unambiguously unveil the corruption, favouritism/nepotism and gross administrative malpractices and state our demands, and position moving forward.”

According to the students, upon the ascendency of Dr. Wreh-Wilson, he was warmly welcomed by the entire student body that saw his appointment as one that could improve learning at the university.

“Our hope was to see a more diversify Tubman University that would reliably function on its principles and core values; and further expand on its established pillars of ‘quality and excellence’ instituted by the past Presidents of the institution (Dr. Davis-Russell and Dr. Wonkeryor).”

However, the statement notes that since Dr. Wreh-Wilson took office, the quality of education at Tubman University has declined drastically.

It disclosed that Dr. Elliott Wreh-Wilson introduced a ‘Liberianization Policy’ and allegedly chased away almost all foreign nationals from the university, including Dr. Elizabeth Enanoria-Carbajosa, Dr. Ibriham Azeez, and Mr. Richard Adu, among others.

“This affects us (Students of Tubman University), as this created gabs that are yet to be covered and lower the standard of our education”, the students said in their statement.

They claimed that the academic programs at the university has fallen greatly with instructors holding BSc degrees teaching students seeking to attain BSc degree and that out of 113 faculty members, only 83 are on the ground and as a result, courses that should be offered every semester are now being offered once, which is causing delays in completing their studies, among other constraints.

Dr. Elliot Wreh-Wilson was appointed President of the William V. S. Tubman University on March 5, 2018 by President George Manneh Weah.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County

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