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Students to benefit AFL scholarships

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Liberia’s Defense Minister Brownie Samukai, has announced plan to support students, who are interested in joining the new military, saying the Ministry of National Defense will shortly announce scholarships for students interested in the sciences, including those aspiring to become engineers.

The current numerical strength of the Armed Forces of Liberia is not officially clear, but estimate put uniform personnel of the army as below 2,000. At Liberia’s 168th Flag Day anniversary in Monrovia Monday, Minister Samukai said students, aspiring to become doctors and engineers, among others will have an opportunity to join the new military that began recruitment after a restructuring exercise in the security sector here nearly a decade ago.

“Lastly, we will support the effort of students, who will like to join the new military. We want to thank Madam President for giving us the opportunity to continue to grant scholarships to those who are interested in joining the new military,” he said Monday, 24 August at the Centennial Pavilion in Monrovia.

The minister said scholarships for students in the sciences will be announced and criteria will be set up for interested candidates. Already, he said by 2016, the Ministry of Defense in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the National Bureau of Veteran Affairs will re-organize the methodology of preparation of schools here ahead of the National Flag Day to ensure a better presentation of participating schools during the celebration.

In so doing, he mandated Army Chief of Staff, General Daniel Ziankhan to get prepared in that collaboration so that “we” have active-duty soldiers, Veterans, the Bureau of Veteran Affairs and the Ministry of Education to make sure there can be adequate time for preparation and practice for better presentation in those years coming forward.

Additionally, the Defense Minister said in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, prizes will be announced in advance for coming years to have schools adequately prepared for the drill competition. By Winston W. Parley

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