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Students warned against ruining chances

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Ministry of State Assistant Minister for Logistics Mr. Mohammed S. Kromah has warned students here not to ruin the limited chances available to them if they must inherit the future.

“For too long young people have carried the stigma of violent tendencies. If the future must be inherited by you the young ones – you cannot ruin the limited chances at your disposal”, Mr. Kromah cautioned 11 students who were honored Saturday, 29 July by the James Partee Toga Wesleyan High School in Gardnerville.

In a keynote address, Mr. Kromah admonishes the students to rise to the challenge, saying there is a lot that each of them can do to make a little difference in society. He notes that completing high school education should not be a reason for young people to become complacent and want to begin challenging people in society. He says high school graduates should continue their academic journey to higher levels.

While acknowledging that Liberians are very good and decent people, Mr. Kromah, however, pleads with students and the citizenry to learn to be true patriots by buttressing community and government efforts, instead of going on the radio in the name of enjoying press freedom “to disrespect your religious leaders”.

“It’s happening, we need to stop it”, he says, and adds that “we” go on the radio to disrespect national leaders”. Giving an upbeat appraisal of Liberia’s 170th Orator Dr. Herman Browne’s message to Liberians, Mr. Kromah hails the Orator and urges Liberians to change their sense of direction.

He enjoins students to engage in productive community service that would address basic hygiene and sanitation constraints, and to be the forerunners and torchbearers of the change they envisage.

Mr. Kromah tells the students that they can take ownership of their situation by firstly analyzing intelligently the prevailing realities of the day. In an effort to promote volunteerism among young people, Mr. Kromah publicly hails some motorcyclists and Peace Island Community soccer team members of Gardnerville who he says impressed him by helping to spread some dirt that he had ordered in trucks to fill some damaged community roads.

Mr. Kromah made a commitment to underwrite the full fees of two students between ages of five and ten years, in addition to committing L$5,000 towards the James Partee Toga Wesleyan High School computer teaching program launched on Saturday.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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