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Subscribers Hail Lonestar Cell MTN For Draw

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Subscribers of Lonestar Cell MTN have praised the company for changing their lives through its many raffles conducted in the country. Some Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers told this paper at the GSM giant sub office in Vai Town during a raffle draw over the weekend that the company is in the interest of the Liberian people. Speaking to our reporter in a jubilant moon, they described the company as the best among all GSM companies in Liberia.

“Lonestar Cell has put food on my table, and I am very proud to be a subscriber of this wonderful company that came to Liberia to contribute to our society. I am encouraging everyone in my community to take advantage of this July 26 draw that is changing the lives of many Liberians,” said Isaiah Seah, one of the winners of the weekly text and win raffle draw. Lonestar Cell MTN over the weekend gave away L$50,000 each to 10 of its valuable costumers in the weekly text and win July 26 raffle draw.

The draw requires subscribers to text 267 to the short code 267 for only US 25 cents to enter the raffle, which is in two phases: the text and win and the use one and get one promotion. The promotion produces two winners every week, and is expected to climax this weekend.

Subscribers of the use one; get one promotion qualified for the draw upon using US$1 every day or US$7 a week, and the weekly two winners of this promotion walk away with US$5,000 worth of business, including free Lonestar Cell products, scratch as cards, SIMs, and  phones, among others. Henrietta Cooper and Elijah Kessely both won a business value US$5,000 each from Lonestar Cell’s use one; get one promotion over the weekend after their numbers were picked-up randomly among many other subscribers in a draw.

Some of those that won in the L$50,000 draw include James Snortor, James Kollie, Alphonso Suah, Drobyn Peter, Alhaji Drame, Richard Kayah and Isasiah Seah, among others. the winners were all happy showering praises to Lonestar Cell MTN for changing and contributing to the improvement of their lives.

“L$50,000 is not a small money for a company to give to one person only for texting; we are very proud of this company; my life has moved to another step in through the help of Lonestar Cell,” Richard Kayah noted in joy as he received his symbolic check. The draw continues upon to August, but the use one; get one promotion will end is expected to end this week.

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