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Subscribers Warn GSM Companies

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Mobile phone subscribers here have warned GSM companies to stop spreading falsehood against the International Gateway Measuring Calls System introduced by the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA).

The leaders of the local consumer group under the banner, National Association of Telecom Consumers (NATELCO), Nathaniel S. Toe, told reporters Thursday in Monrovia that the system will protect consumers from fraudulent acts and will also protect the country from international fraudsters, roaming in the telecom industry.

“When one uses a minute to communicate, a GSM service provider would state three or five minutes. This is the right system for the right time for our country and subscribers,” Toe said. He said the system is intended to monitor the duration of a given call, not its content as some GSM service providers have already begun to insinuate.

“Consumers (Liberians) from every walk of life must begin to galvanize efforts and prevail on their lawmakers to resist every attempt on the part of tempters and support this highly respected system as it is intended to protect the economic interest of the country and curtail fraudulent acts by  GSM service providers.”

The NATELCO chairman said the system is one of the best answers to the telecom industry so service providers must begin to liaise with authorities of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority to ensure that the country benefits immensely from the new technology.

“It is disheartening to realize that when a GSM service provider receives US 80 cents per call, the government in return is given five or ten cents as revenue intake, something that is a complete disservice to the country and its people,” the group noted.

NATELCO stressed that some service providers have gone to the extent of petitioning some lawmakers to oppose the system to enable them keep exploiting the public. They said the institution along with LTA will exert all efforts to ensure GSM service providers comply with the International Gateway Measuring Call System.

They added that the Liberian people need to get maximum benefits, quality service as well as value for their money because significantly, the system will indicate the number of time an individual spends on the line, not the other way around, something that was a feasting ground for GSM service providers in previous times.

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