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Suing Lonestar Cell MTN

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I will sue Lonestar Cell MTN. I know that Lonestar has been around for a very long time, and that they are a very big company, two realities that make them to have strong connections I the society. But no telephone calls or begging will dissuade me from suing Lonestar Cell. I will sue them and sue them soon morning.

I will sue Lonestar Cell for continuously disturbing me unnecessarily.  And I’m talking about their unsolicited series of text messages that they continue to send me, even during situations I least want to have anything to do with phones. They send text messages about this and about that continuously, a situation that disturbs me most of the time. I will sue Lonestar Cell.

Lonestar Made Me Lose US$600

A few days ago, for example, I was scheduled for a meeting with some very important people. There were specific rules set out for all attendees, rules which carried serious consequences if violated. One of the rules was that no one’s phone should ring. So, before going for the meeting, I called all those whose contacts I had and told them not to all and not to send me any text messages.

Midway in the meeting, however, I received a text message. I was thrown out of the meeting and forfeited the US$600 that should have been given me at the end of the conference. Upon coming outside, I decided to check the phone to see from whom the text came. It was Lonestar Cell. The text was about “value subscriber buying quality phones from Lonestar.” I lost US$600 for this stupid text message? Lonestar either pay me the US$600 today, or I will sue them soon morning tomorrow.

Lonestar Interrupted My Prayer

Another reason why I will sue Lonestar Cell soon morning is that a text message from them interrupted a very serious communication I was in with God. I was praying emotionally for God to pass through someone to give me US$400. The phone rang and I got lost in the process. I forgot about the line of prayer and opened my eyes. I have not received the money from anyone since. Apparently God got angry and decided not to answer the interrupted prayer. To cut long matter short, Lonestar will have to answer that particular prayer or else, I will sue them and will sue them soon morning. There’s nothing about forgiving Lonestar 70 times 7. Lonestar will answer that prayer.

Lonestar Gave Me False Hope

During the Christmas holiday, I made friend with a very beautiful girl. We started and continued a regular line of communication from the day our friendship was established. Then some part of last month, I decided to invite her to my house.

“Would you mind visiting me now, sweet lady?” I said on the phone. It was around 8:01pm.

“I’ll think about it, Pee,” she answered.

“How long will it take you to say Yes or No?” I pressed her.

“Okay, give me one minute, and you will get a text from me. If you receive the message, no need you even open it, because my sending the text will mean that I will come to your house tonight, no matter what. If you don’t get any text from me in one minute’s time, it means I will not come,” she assured me.

After about 43 seconds, a text message came. I didn’t bother to read it. It had come from my expected guest – at least that’s what I thought. I became gleeful and prepared myself for the showdown. All men do it, anyway.

However, 8:30 came and went. I waited, but 9:pm came and went, too. I waited, but 9:30 and 10:pm came past.  Eleven O’clock past, too. So, at around 11:30, I decided to call the girl and ask about what was going on.

But, to my amazement, there was no text from the girl. The text had come from Lonestar, a text that was advertizing its text and WIN program. Lonestar will have to compensate me for subjecting me to a painful period of false and misplaced hope or else I will sue them soon morning tomorrow. I will sue Lonestar.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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