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Sulonteh Underscores Parental Care

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There were wet eyes in the hall as hundreds of relatives, sympathizers and well-wishers from across central Liberia and adjacent counties gathered at the Gbarnga Administration Building on Sunday to celebrate, in a special way the home-going of Reverend Philip G. Sulonteh, father of Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Finance.

The Memorial Service was characterized by songs of praise and worship supported by a live band and tributes from loved ones, including the family, reflecting on the life of the late Senior Pastor of the Sugar Hill Assembly of God Church whose sad event occurred on August 6, 2013 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

“We’re here to pay tribute to a hero in Christ,” said Kebeh, a member of the AG Church who adored the fallen man of God.

Addressing the jam-packed auditorium, Deputy Minister Jordan Sulonteh reminisced his last hours by his father’s bed side at the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, saying  “When it was time for him to go, my dad said to me, ‘Jordan, go home; I want to rest…My dad lived his life and I know he is alive.  He knew his time had come to leave us to join his wife (my mother). He believed in God. He passed away peacefully and I am grateful.”

Minister Sulonteh revealed amidst a thunderous “Amen” that when his father said he wanted to “go home, I understood him to have said Liberia, but when he said he wanted to go home, it was not Liberia instead, but home with his Master in Heaven…I am grateful.”

He used the occasion to caution young men and women to cherish their parents while they are still alive. “If you have your dad and mom with you, do the best you can for them. Don’t wait till they are dead and you start to do everything. It will be too late for you. Do the best you can for your parents. Nothing should be so much important than doing your best for them”, he urged.

Minister Sulonteh warned young people not to mind “the worldly things and abandon your parents; don’t think because your parents didn’t go to school so you cannot bring them closer to you; don’t think because you are educated so you cannot bring them closer to you. Remember, they made you look good. “

“You are who you are because they labored to make you. If you don’t take care of your parents, your children will not take care of you.” He noted that loving and caring for the parents is a normal and fulfilling part of the children’s life. “You should love them in your heart for the fact that they created you, raised you, and is in part a source of who you are.”

The deceased who was born on July 26, 1932 in Weinsue, Bong County to the union of  NonmomloYeahl and Geweilee Sulonteh.

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