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SUP calls for quality education at UL

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SUP callsThe University of Liberia Student Unification Party or SUP has decried what it refers to as “poor educational system” at the state-run university. SUP Chairman Jerome D Dangbuah in a press conference Tuesday, 22 February called on Government to do all within its powers to rescue the university from financial crisis.

Chairman Dangbuah described the quality of education at the UL as very poor due tolack of financial support. He said though education is a fundamental right in accordance with Article 6 of the Constitution of Liberia, and Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Government of Liberia has intentional refused to prioritize the education of students of the state university.

“How do we intend to make Liberia better when education is not apriority? No wonder our Country is still far from landing on the shore of genuine development and economic growth’, he added. Dangbuah indicated that until Liberians can understand that poverty isthe product of illiteracy, the nation is doomed, stressing that it in this era of global recession, it is unimaginable for any serious government that believes in quality tertiary education to appropriateUSD$15.1million to operate a state-run University that comprises morethan 31,000 students, 1500 faculty members and 1,299 staffs on four campuses.

“SUP wants to use this medium to again call on the Government of Liberia, especially the National Legislature to increase the budgetary appropriation of the University of Liberia this coming fiscal year to a minimum of US$ 29million.”

He said if this were done, thousands of students will have access to quality education.

By Bridgett Milton-Edited by Jonathan Browne 

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