Supt. Daniels laments Rivercess’ plight

Rivercess NDThe newly appointed Superintendent of Rivercess County in southeast Liberia, Matthew Daniels, has lamented the lack of development in his county.

Superintendent Daniels said he is working hard with the people of Rivercess to maintain unity and peace without which he stressed, there would be no progress.

Speaking to State broadcaster ELBC via mobile phone, the Superintendent said his intention is to utilize every fund given to the county in a proper faction with the help of his people.

Superintendent Daniel said he is working on his first project, which is to carry electricity to the county with the support of the county leadership.
Commenting on relationship between his administration and the Rivercess Legislative Caucus, Mr. Daniels said, they are sailing smoothly, and he is not ready for gossip from anyone.

He disclaimed rumor that some citizens of Sinoe County were being held by country devil in Rivercess, saying, there cordial relationship between the people of Sinoe County and Rivercess.

Superintendent Daniels called on the people of Rivercess both at home and abroad to put aside politics and unite for development in the county.
However, he said he’s prepared and open for any criticism because a leader would always face such challenges and he’s not going to stop doing what the county expects from him as Superintendent.

He said peace and unity remains his top priority for the county and the Legislative Caucus has been supportive since his induction so his prayer is that the relationship will continue to grow stronger.

Rivercess County is a tiny county in southeast Liberia sparsely populated with poor infrastructures. By Rewina Juduh – Edited by Jonathan Browne

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