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President George Manneh Weah has with immediate effect suspended controversial Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs Eugene Fahngon.

According to an Executive Mansion press release issued 6 May, President Weah says his Government remains committed to a “one country, one people” policy with zero tolerance on divisive politicking or tribalism.

While suspending Mr. Fahngon on Monday, President Weah also sent out warning to government officials and all citizens to stop dividing Liberians along ethnic lines.

President Weah’s decision to suspend Mr. Fahngon follows the controversial official’s comments on social media Facebook regarding a planned June 7 Protest which promote congo and native divide among Liberians.

Mr. Fahngon is among government officials and ruling party Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) officials being condemned by the U.S. Embassy near Monrovia for promoting division here.

“It is equally irresponsible for people within leadership positions in government or the ruling party to promote such division as Deputy Minister Eugene Fahngon has done on social media. To take such a public stance and suggest it is a private opinion or a personal right reflects a misunderstanding of the nature of public service in a democracy,” the U.S. Embassy warns.

“You killed 250K of our indigenous people and walked free. We will protect our president, our government and our country!!!” writes Fahngon on his Facebook page.

“Why must it be one group of people all the time? Is he not a Liberian citizen too? Is it because his name is Manneh Weah?..,” Fahngon wrote on Facebook earlier on 4 May, in an attempt to insinuate that President Weah is apparently being fought because he is native Liberian.
“And Winston Tubman was in …and he now declares that they are justified for June 7…. How can you not see reality my friends?? —– Winston Tubman too, Alexander Cummings, Benoni Urey,, Charles Brumskine, Oscar Cooper, Sanjee A. Stepter, Sando Johnson etc…
“I will march on Saturday June 8 from ATS to SKD Sports Complex alongside the Assembly of Country People and their Allies…,” Fahngon continues.

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At midday on Sunday, 5 MAy, Mr. Fahngon used his social media account to post that “country people and their allies” would assemble on 8 June from the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) down Lynch Street in Monrovia to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville.

“Official name change!! Assembly of Country People and their Allies (ACPA). Sat. June 8, 2019 from ATS – SKD,” Fahngon wrote.

These comments are coming from Fahngon against a planned June 7 Protest by critics and opposition of President Weah’s regime to demand some meaningful changes in the way the country is governed, particularly to address economic problems and corruption allegations.

But the persistent political tension here has moved the U.S. Embassy to issue a warning against those who promote through their words or deeds a Congo-Country divide, saying they do not have Liberia’s best interests or that of their constituents at heart, but rather appear motivated by personal ambitions or fears.

“It is unacceptable for Senator Prince Y. Johnson, Representative Yekeh Kolubah, “ex-generals” or other former actors in Liberia’s civil wars to incite unlawful acts through ill-considered rhetoric that could jeopardize Liberia’s hard-won peace and security,” the Embassy says.

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