SUSU impeaches president

The Executive committee and chapter heads of the Sinoe University Student Union or SUSU, convening here has resolved in a campus sitting and declared vote of no confidence in its president.

The secretary general of SUSU, D. Emmanuel Sarpee, said here that the Executive committee and chapter heads of the union convened in Monrovia, Montserrado County recently and that having observed and witnessed the unorthodox administrative tendencies and actions of President Chea P. Dorjue, who allegedly failed to uphold and execute decisions of the executive committee.

“We see such machination on the part of the president as anti-democratic, rebellious, dictatorial, divisive, which undermine the authority and legitimacy of the executive committee. We do hereby resolve in our sitting on the campus of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, November 11, 2014, do hereby declare a vote of no confidence in the president, hence his impeachment is based on the following count,” secretary general Sarpee noted.

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He said having taken an oath to protect and uphold the constitution of the union, the president violated core provision of “our constitution, Article III section II (E) and Article V section 1.5 and Article IX section 1.2. He said cognizant that, forgery is a crime under the criminal justice system of Liberia; the president has opted to forge the signature of Smyth Institute of Management and Technology president Edwina K. Tweh.

“That his deliberate and calculated action to disrupt the second executive meeting on November 5, 2014, is tantamount to misconduct and abuse of the office of the president, that by unconstitutionally suspending five executive committee members in the absence of executive meeting or congress. Realizing the need to be neutral and unite our union, instead, the president opted to divide [us] by using his devilish tactic to accomplish his selfish goal,” the SG concluded.

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