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Swedish envoy hails Liberian police

Swedish Ambassador to Liberia Ingrid Watterqvist has spoken highly of the level of transformation the Liberia National Police (LNP) is undergoing, stressing that the Swedish Police is proud to be collaborating with the LNP in its time of transformation.

A LNP release issued Tuesday, 12 December says the Swedish Envoy says the changes are visible, and can be spoken of by the ordinary people on the streets.

“I can testify that the changes that the police corps of Liberia is undergoing are being noticed, and discussed in your country, people tell me. But they also tell me that a lot has happened, a lot of improvements. It is being seen. You are contributing in a very important way to safety and sound life of Liberia”, Ambassador Watterqvist says.

She describes speaks of a great collaboration that is ongoing between the Police of Sweden and the LNP, saying that the peer – to – peer cooperation brings about understanding between the two institutions in the building of capacity.

“I believe that the peer –to – peer cooperation, like the one now pursued by the Swedish policy with LNP, is the best kind of cooperation ; that when someone from another country, they know what your job is about , and in the training they can assist in strengthening the professional confidence of the participants”, Amb. Watterqvist adds.

Madam Watterqvist calls on the participants from the LNP to remain committed in the discharged of their duty as peace officers, urging the participants to continue the crucial task in keeping the country safe and sound, and taking the country from the foundation of twelve years of peace to the next phase of development.

She concludes that the Swedish Embassy here is happy to support and look forward to a continued successful implementation of Swedish’s projects with the Liberia National Police.

For his part, LNP Inspector General Col. Gregory Coleman expresses great deed of gratitude to the Swedish Police for the level of assistance to the Liberia National Police. IGP Coleman says the Swedish involvement in the capacity building process of the LNP is welcoming and encourages participants to make use of the knowledge gained by exercising professionalism in their duty.

The Swedish Embassy in Monrovia (Sida), through the Swedish Police Authority, is giving support to a three year project (2016-2019) with the Liberia National Police.

The Project is focusing on three Police station areas in Monrovia, which include Zone 6 (Brewersville), Zone 8 (Paynesville), and Zone 10 (Bushrod Island).

The activities within the program are mostly about training and capacity building in crime investigations, SGBV investigations, and crime scene investigations (forensic). One Swedish Project Manager and three Swedish project experts are currently deployed in Monrovia to work with LNP to execute the Project.

So far over one hundred (100) police officers have been trained together with city solicitors at the National Police Training Academy (NPTA) with the outcome to enhance their cooperation.
More than 100 LNP officers have participated in several workshops on Interview technique, report writing, and crime scene awareness. Others are undergoing Trainer of Trainers (ToT) to be able to continue to pass their knowledge to other officers in their area of responsibilities.–Press release


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