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Tailor Union threatens to sue Labor Ministry

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Liberia’s Tailor Union has threatened to drag the Ministry of Labor to the National Labor Court for allegedly violating its by-laws and constitution.

The Tailor Union’s plan to sue Labor Ministry comes after the Ministry cleared Mr. Edison Carlon of corruption allegations and ordered his reinstatement as the Union’s president.

The Tailor Union is made up of the Board of Directors of the Liberia National Tailors, Textiles, Garments, and Allied Workers Union (LNTTGAWU).

The Ministry of Labour recently released its investigative finding into the report of alleged misappropriation and corruption by the Tailor Union President Mr. Edison Carlon.

The investigation concerned funds allegedly given to the Union by partners, other organizations, and individuals.

In the report, the Ministry said Mr. Carlon submitted relevant documents to the Ministry and it was established that at no time Mr. Carlon was involved in any financial corruption and misappropriation. 

“You are hereby, mandated to reinstate Mr. Edison Carlon as President of the Tailor Union and return the organization to status quo ante,” the Ministry ordered. 

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“We have concluded [an] investigation into the alleged act of corruption and misappropriation of entrusted property and we found him not guilty of all the alleged crimes,” the report concluded. 

In response, the Board said an audit was conducted without the acknowledgment of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Tailor Union. 

The board termed the report as false and misleading and intended to undermine the authority of the Board of Directors as enshrined in the By-laws and Constitution of the Tailor Union, Article 17. 

The Board deems the mandate to reinstate suspended President Mr. Edison Carlon as a complete breach and interference with the Union’s constitution. 

The Secretary General of the Tailor Union Board of Directors Mr. Mohammed S. B. Bah told a press conference that they categorically reject and defy the mandate from the Ministry of Labour.

He stated that Mr. Carlon has deliberately refused to recognize and respect the authority of the Board of Directors of the Tailor Union as provided for by the constitution.

According to Mr. Bah, the Board of Directors of the Tailor Union is the highest decision-making organ of the organization in the absence of a convention. 

He pointed out that the Constitution gives the Board of Directors the authority to approve all budgetary proposals and to appoint auditors, among others.

Meanwhile, suspended President Carlon has denied any misappropriation and corruption, adding that he was audited and found not guilty.

“My brother, this is the third time that the board has suspended me and I always [win] them at the Labor Ministry,” he said.

“What they said I did, I didn’t do it. They were the ones that were found guilty and refused to cooperate. I was audited by the Ministry and set free. Now, all they need to do is to have me reinstated,” he noted. 

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