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Take more loans

Despite huge criticism from the opposition community and the public about two separate pre-financing road loans secured by the Government of Liberia, the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate signed a joint resolution here Tuesday, 12 June mandating President George Manneh Weah to seek more loans from wherever that would enable the government to connect all 15 political sub-divisions of the country with roads.

“We are pleased to present our sincere compliments and on behalf of the citizens of the 15 counties of Liberia, we wish to submit this joint resolution of the 54th Liberia: ‘a resolution mandating the executive to secure loan finances for roads construction of critical corridors. This joint resolution is submitted to this noble body predicated upon the unanimous resolution of the people to petition the Liberia government through us, as their direct representatives,” reads an accompanying letter under the signature of Representative Joseph Momo Matthews of Gbarpolu County Electoral District #3.

The joint resolution dated June 11, 2018 and adopted in plenary of the House of Representatives Tuesday, June 12, states: “We the House of Representatives and Senate do hereby authorize the President of the Republic of Liberia to employ all legal and legitimate means in securing loan financing agreements for the construction of paved roads leading to the 15 counties of Liberia.”

The lawmakers used Article 34 (iii) of the 1986 Liberian Constitution which states: No loans shall be raised by the Government on behalf of the Republic or guarantees given for any public institutions or authority otherwise than by or under the authority of a legislative enactment, as their reliance in instructing President Weah to take more loans for road construction.

The resolution shows that 48 of the 73 members of the House of signed, and the document is expected to be forwarded to the Liberian Senate tomorrow for similar action.

Already, the Liberian government has taken road financing loans, amounting to about US$900 million for the pavement of mainly southeastern belt and some parts of western region.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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