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Takun J. clarifies his arrest

Liberian musician-turned politician Jonathan Koffa a.k.a. Takun J. was arrested at his residence in Monrovia on Tuesday, 26 September by the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA has no basis.

Jonathan, who is contesting for Montserrado County Electoral District#8 on the ticket of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) was arrested Tuesday alone with a son of imprisoned ex-president Charles Ghankay Taylor, Mr. Phillip Taylor. He narrates that while sitting at his business center on Carey Street, he saw a group of DEA officers walking into his premises and allegedly beat on his customers, confiscating their belongings.

According to him, later a DEA officer approached him and said he was needed by the agency and immediately arrested. Famous for his recent song, “The government lied to us, the government fooled us”, Takun J. continues that why he was being taking away by the DEA, the police intercepted and subsequently announced that the security officers acted based on mistaken identity.

He says that he was never arrested with any illegal item in his possession, as he only attending to his dog.He thinks that the act against him was politically motivated, as people want to bring him down because he’s vying to become a lawmaker, noting that his detractors or chestrated the arrest to dampen his chances in the impending elections.

However, he insists that he would never be deterred, and calls on his supporters to not be deterred either by lies being orchestrated. He calls on the DEA not to arrest law abiding citizens for the sake of arrest, but based on facts.

By Bridgett Milton

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