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Tampering with justice undermines peace

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Some officials of the judiciary, including the Liberia National Police that is under the Ministry of Justice last week confirmed the release of murder suspect Sampson F. Pennue on bail in Grand Gedeh County in a crime that is non-bailable under the laws of Liberia. But nobody accepts responsibility.Suspect Sampson F. Pennue, commander of the National Security Agency (NSA) in Grand Gedeh allegedly shot dead Deputy Police Commander Alexander B. Saye in the county on November 27, 2020, but how he was reportedly bailed out and by whom is the 62 million dollar question, particularly so after the Liberia National Police in Grand Gedeh County formally charged Suspect Pennue with Murder for the killing of late DCP Saye.
Police say the charge is in keeping with Chapter 14 Sub-chapter A, Section 14.1 of the Revised Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia after the accused “criminally” and “intentionally” shot and caused bodily injury on the person of victim Alexander B. Saye with a 9mm pistol thus, resulting to his death.

Coincidentally, a brother of the deceased, John B. Saye, alarmed over radio last week Thursday, 10 June 20201 in Monrovia that Suspect Sampson Pennue has been released. Unfortunately, the news came just as judicial officials converged last week for a three-day conference that highlighted excesses by courts and lawyers in dispensing justice.

Although everybody claims innocence, including Solicitor General Symah Cyrenius Cephas, Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue and Grand Gedeh County Attorney Cllr. J. Adolphus Karnue, but how could the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in the county where the case is assigned, release a murder suspect against the law?

The issue under discussion is nothing but a clear attempt by some officials sitting somewhere to temper with the administration of justice for selfish interest. Are those involved saying the life of the late DCP Alexander B. Saye was less important than Suspect Sampson Pennue?

The late Alexander Saye was killed in active service, so it behooves the State to deliver justice not only to the Police that he worked for but to family and friends.

However, news that the suspect has been bailed out in a murder case is sufficient reason for concern. Justice is crying out in the wilderness. Someone should listen and correct the wrong immediately.

If outcome of last week’s judicial conference in Monrovia would have any significant impact on the workings of the justice system of Liberia, the murder case involving Suspect Sampson Pennue is a litmus-test for building public conference in the judiciary.

Whoever let out Pennue should return him immediately so that he may have his day in court to exonerate himself of murder, as charged by the Police and to walk out publicly a free man under the law rather than sneaking out under the cover of darkness, as we are hearing.

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