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Tappita Residents Welcome BHP Billiton

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Residents in Tappita, lower Nimba County, have expressed happiness over the presence of BHP Billiton in that city to carry out exploration activities.

The city Mayor of Tappita, Madam Sarah Mendourborh, told reporters that the citizens of Tappita were extremely happy that BHP Billiton, the world’s largest diversified resources company, was there to work. 

“Look, let me say that I am happy – extremely happy – and the citizens here are happy that this company has come here to work. As long as they have met up with all the necessary requirements with our government, we think we are happy for their presence,” she said in a happy tune. 

BHP Billiton recently signed a 25 year mineral development or concession agreement with the Liberian Government. The agreement has been ratified by the Legislature.  Madam Mendourborh said the presence of BHP Billiton will help to create jobs for many jobless youth in the area.

“Representatives of the company held meetings with us and we told them to employ people from this place, which they agreed to. Even the side brushing of some of the roads is being done by people from here. I think that is a good start,” she further said. 

“As a people from this place, we welcome them and we think that their presence will bring some form of development to our city, in terms of road improvement and other things will be carried out.”

The company has been carrying out exploration activities in Liberia since 2005. It has spent over US$50M and currently has over 300Liberians employed.

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