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Tarjuowon Citizens Welcome Golden Veroleum

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Despite claims by Green Advocate International that the Far East based company, Golden Veroleum Liberia is allegedly involved in forcibly taking off their lands in Sinoe County, residents of Tarjuowon Statutory District through their Superintendent Paul Chea has notified the management of the company to take huge portion of their land for operational use.

According to the residents, the people of the district have unanimously agreed, endorsed and welcomed Golden Veroleum Liberia to Tarjuown to cultivate a designated portion of their land for oil palm plantation.

In a communication dated September 26, 2012 signed by 81 residents, including elders, traditional leaders, youth groups, women groups and the office of their superintendent they noted  that at two consecutive mass citizens’ meeting attended by chiefs, elders, teachers, students, civil society organizations, traditional leaders and local officials on May 26, 2012 and September 1, 2012, respectively at Unification City, they agreed to allocate a vast portion of their land for this purpose, and are asking the county administration to inform Golden Veroleum Liberia of the decision.

“As a demonstration of their readiness to actualize the decision, we the citizens are now inviting GVL, through the county administration, to expeditiously proceed to Tarjuowon Statutory District to join a citizens’ committee to inspect the designated land and, thereafter, begin consultations with citizens leading to the signing of a social agreement”, the letter read.

Sinoe County Superintendent J. Milton Teahjay has overwhelmingly welcomed citizens’ decision.

“In view of the above, and with the powers in me vested as County Superintendent and vice jury of the President of Liberia, I hereby approve the patriotic decision of the Tarjuown people in Sinoe and, interpose no objection to the Management of Golden Veroleum engaging the citizens of Tarjuowon to begin the necessary plantation processes, leading to constructive dialogue and the eventual opening of an oil palm plantation in Tarjuowon Statutory District, Sinoe County”, Teahjay said in a communication.

Meanwhile, five persons representing the five sections of the district have been designated for contact committee to lead Golden Veroleum delegation on an inspection tour of the land area that has been earmarked for oil palm cultivation.

Those nominated to the committee include Pannah Toby, Chairman; Sokan Gbassie, Co- Chairman; Wonteh Myers, Secretary; Teah Clarke, and Myer Saygbe, respectively.

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