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Task Force re-fences Palm Grove

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In what is being described by many here as waste of state resources, demolished walls around the Palm Grove Cemetery or Center Street Memorial Park are being re-erected, months after they were brought down by a special presidential task force (SPTF) headed by Madam Mary T. Broh, who is also Director-General of the General Services Agency (GSA).
When this paper on Wednesday, 11 January visited the overly congested cemetery, which has been closed to the public, task force employees were new walls around the premises from the direction of the Ministry of Public Works and the United Nations Drive.
Workers have already erected 15 feet of the new designs of the fence, containing steel unlike the previous concrete wall that enclosed the entire surroundings of the cemetery.
Some of the task force workers who our reporter attempted talking to decline to comment, but referred this reporter to main office at the GSA compound situated on U.N. Drive.
In late 2016, the head of the task force Madam Broh moved on the memorial park and broke the entire fence around the cemetery, using bulldozers to demolish walls amidst serious public outcry.
The GSA boss requested Liberians who have relatives’ graves at the cemetery to immediately remove bones of those deceased’s to rebury them elsewhere.
But some relatives or family members demanded re-burial package from government, arguing that they had paid fees for burial sites inside the cemetery, and if the authorities wanted them to relocate remains of their dead relatives, they should facilitate the process.
Several political commentators spoken to on government’slatest decision to re-fence the memorial park, want to know where finance for the re-construction process is coming from and cost of the ongoing work.
They said government needs to explain because the re-erection of the fence around the cemetery is a complete waste of task payer’s money that could be used on other meaningful developmental projects that could benefit the citizenry.
According to them, there is no reason why the government through Madam Broh broke down the old fence which was erected with public funds, including steel gates to protect the cemetery from criminals, who penetrate the area to break into graves to steal valuables such as clothes and jewelries from corpses.

By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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