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Taxi Drivers in Traffic Violations

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The ban on commercial motorcyclists plying the main streets of Monrovia seems to have given taxi drivers here an opportunity to grossly violate traffic regulations. Due to the huge population of commuters in Monrovia, Taxi drivers have begun to take two passengers in the front seat in violation of the traffic law.

Police in Monrovia are busy everyday dealing with commercial drivers in putting a halt to the traffic breach. Taking two passengers in the front seat of commercial vehicles was stopped during the administration of the late Police Director Joe B. Tate under the regime of former President Charles Taylor.

But drivers are now enjoying the violation after the government stopped motorcyclists from running on the main streets here. Some police officers, who pleaded for anonymity told this paper that most drivers arrested for violations are subsequently released based on intervention of ranking officers.

They said due to the attitude of their senior colleagues, traffic officers now take advantage of the opportunity to extort money from drivers violating and let them go.

Drivers are also said to be violating the traffic lights, something the police described as frustrating. Liberians’ dream for safety measures in traffic regulation is gradually being achieved with the installation of more traffic lights in various congested locations in Monrovia.

Some residents noted that “red light” or traffic light is helping to change the outlook of the city at night with a significant reduction in motor accidents. Street crossing by pedestrians is also becoming an easy task unlike in the past when there was no traffic light.

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