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Taylor pushes back

Opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is accusing ruling Unity Party (UP) of allegedly using “scare tactics” as a major strategy weapon to redeem itself in the wake of a final battle with the CDC at the November 7 presidential runoff.

CDC vice presidential candidate Sen. Jewel Howard-Taylor claimed over the weekend that the UP is using scare tactics to deceive the Liberian people as runoff election campaign opens.

Citing one UP’s alleged scared tactics, Sen. Taylor, the ex-wife of imprisoned ex-president Charles Ghankay Taylor says the ruling party is alleging that Mr. Taylor would return to Liberia if the CDC wins the presidency.

The National Elections Commission announced a runoff between the CDC and UP last week due to failure by either of the 20 presidential candidates to win a first round victory with a required 50 percent plus one vote.

The CDC topped in 11 of Liberia’s 15 counties in the first round, but it only secured 38.4 percent of the votes, while the UP which topped in two counties, had 28.8 percent, falling behind the opposition party with roughly a 10 percent margin.

In reaction to claims of returning Mr. Taylor to Liberia, the CDC says its stance on the Mr. Taylor is informed by the rule of law, consistent with the posture of ECOWAS, AU and the UN on such matters, noting that the party is a party of peace loving people with deep-rooted interest in reconciling the people of Liberia.

“We are aware of the desperate campaign of misinformation and disinformation being waged against us by the politically embattled Unity Party and its surrogate media outlets, with the intent of distraction and vilification,” Sen. Taylor says.

She adds that the CDC is aware of the UP’s mischievous game plan and political machinations, vowing it shall not be deterred by such tactics.

In addition to accusations against the UP, Sen. Taylor says she is saddened by the politicization of some of the media institutions here, while at the same time commending those claims says have stood the test of times and are positively contributing to the political discourse.

“… [We] hope that those who are using the media as a conduit of hate, lies and division would stop,” she urges.

She says the CDC’s objectives are about helping the people improve their lives, restore hope and grow the economy as well as ensure that UP presidential candidate Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai is never allowed to come anywhere near the Presidency of Liberia.—Press Release

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