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Taylor raps on family values

A release from the Office of the Vice President dated 19 February says the Esteemed Gentlemen Organization is a group of professionals and family men united in one bond.

Serving as keynote speaker Saturday, 17 February at the third induction ceremony of the Organization held at a local hotel, Madam Taylor cautioned officials of the organization to be more proactive in changing the lives of the younger ones.

According to the release, the organization is a secular, apolitical and social organization founded in 2014. According to a release from the office of the Vice president, VP Howard-Taylor urged the leadership of the group to always lead by examples.

The Liberian Vice President mentioned that over 30 years of the country’s crisis, every fabric of the country was broken down, most especially the family which suffered the most.

VP- Taylor however calls on the Esteemed Gentlemen Organization to be vigorous and work in partnership with other organizations including the YMCA and YWCA.

She believes that this will sustain the continuation of the peace, help in building the family and good mentorship for the younger generation. She notes that taking over leadership is a call to service for which those who are elected to steer the affairs of the organization, must lead the organization to a higher height.

The Liberian Vice President spoke on the serious nature of single parents, because of the absence of fathers in many homes. She then made her initial contribution of 25 bags of rice to the Esteemed Gentlemen Organization and promised that her office will work with them in carrying out some of their initiatives.

In response, the newly inducted Chairman of the group Senesee Geso Freeman thanked VP Taylor for gracing the occasion, pledging the group’s support in working with the office of the Vice President.

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Others elected include Benedict T. Fully, Co-chair; Ansu Konneh, Secretary; Calixte Hessou, Assistant secretary; Azepturs S. Barbu, Financial Secretary, Stephen Fuller, treasurer; and Parker K. Johnson, Parliamentarian.–Press release

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