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Taylor speaks on sanction lifting

Sen. Taylor NDImprisoned ex-Liberian President Charles G. Taylor’s extreme wife, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, has cautioned that Liberia should never slip back to arm conflicts in reaction to the lifting of economic sanction on the country by the United States Government.

Before Mr. Taylor was arrested in 2004 and subsequently sent to the Hague to face trial for allegedly aiding atrocities in neighboring Sierra Leone, his home country Liberia too had been in years of bloody civil war launched on December 25, 1089 to topple the late President Samuel Doe.

Mr. Taylor and his allies, including businessman turned-politician Mr. Benoni Urey, who served as Maritime Commissioner during the Taylor regime, had been on travel ban for about 11 years. But Sen. Taylor observes that whenever a country faces economic sanction or sanctions on arms and travels, they all leave a large cloud on that nation, and therefore pleads for all Liberians to continue to uphold the peace and respect the rule of law.

“… And hope we can use it as positive … and never going back to where we have come from and that we will all continue to live together in peace and harmony, respect the laws of our country and respect one another,” she said in a live phone conversation with “Truth Breakfast Show”hosted on Truth FM 96.1 Monday, 16 November.

The US Government has justified the lifting of the economic sanction on Liberia after 11 years on the basis that imprisoned ex-president Taylor and his allies now have a diminished ability to undermine Liberia’s progress.

“Well I think it is a good thing when any nation is relieved of all these sanctions. You know whether it is economic sanction, whether it is sanction for travel, whether it is sanction on arms that is on a nation [it] always leaves a cloud,” she says.

Sen. Taylor expressed hope that this is the final removal of the “cloud that has been on our country,” adding that it is good for all Liberians as they continue to live and uphold the peace and respect the rule of law and live together in harmony.

She thanked the United States Government and President Barack Obama “for finally removing this large cloud off from our country.”

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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