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Taylor trashes Bility’s argument

Dr. Agnes Reeves – Taylor, the ex-wife of imprisoned former Liberian President Charles Ghankay Taylor, has asked the Civil Law Court in Monrovia to dismiss Mr. Hassan Bility’s response to an action she filed against him, arguing that the accused’s answer is totally evasive and contradictory to the complaint before the court.

Dr. Reeves – Taylor sued the Global Justice and Research Project (GIRP), represented by Liberian – based institution La Joy and Civitas Maxima (CM), based in Geneva, Switzerland, Mr. Hassan Bility of GIRP, and Alain Werner of Civitas Maxima for allegedly conniving and inflicting untold suffering and pains against her, a reference to her trial in the United Kingdom.

She took legal action in Monrovia after being acquitted of her charges by the U.K. justice system where she had been held in detention for alleged torture charges levied based on alleged research and investigation conducted by GIRP in relation to war-time incidents in Liberia during the country’s civil crisis.

She contended also that Bility’s sworn statements of 8 January 2015 and 18 March 2017 in no way, manner, shape or form substantiated his claims that she intentionally inflicted severe pain or suffering on individuals, raped seven Koniaka women, and murdered Amos Borhn in the performance of her official duties.

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In a new filing countering Bility’s response to her complaint, Dr. Reeves – Taylor said Mr. Bility testified under perjury statute of the United Kingdom and stated that his statement consisting of 17 pages each of which he signed, “is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

She said Bility continued with his testimony that he made the statement knowing that if it is tendered in evidence, he shall be liable to prosecution if he had wilfully stated anything in it that he knew to be false or did not believe to be true.

Through her court action in Monrovia, Dr. Reeves – Taylor wants to hold Bility, Werner and their institutions to account for their alleged false accounts which led the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom to prosecutor her for alleged torture charges, though the U.K. court systems later dismissed the charges against her.

She lamented that when she got arrested in the U.K., she lost her earnings, and she was professionally ruined. Among other things, Dr. Reeves – Taylor said she was working as an Academic, a consultant, head of program for the Energy Department, and a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University in London when she was arrested.

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Mr. Bility, for his part, told the Civil Court last month that he committed no wrong against Dr. Reeves – Taylor, and therefore asked the court to dismiss the complaint filed against him.

The Liberian advocate for justice against alleged war crimes said he cannot be held personally liable because he is the founder of GIRP that conducted the research and investigation from which alleged evidence was gathered on Dr. Reeves – Taylor’s conduct.

He added that GIRP is a duly incorporated and licensed non-governmental entity under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.

He said GIRP is incorporated and licensed to undertake research and conduct investigations into acts that tend to abuse human rights. He rejected Dr. Reeves – Taylor’s complaint and requested the Civil Law Court to dismiss it.

Bility insisted that there is absolute and complete probable cause to reason and conclude that GIRP’s findings in the various parts of Liberia and beyond “were true,” to the best of the scientifically conducted investigations, which were allegedly free of any inducement to any of the witnesses to carve out false stories against Dr. Reeves – Taylor.

Several rights groups, some Liberian-based and others operating from abroad, are researching probable causes that could lead to prosecution of individuals who committed heinous crimes and crimes against humanity during the 14-year Liberian Civil War.

Dr. Reeves – Taylor was the wife of jailed former President Taylor when he launched the rebel invasion of Liberia on 25 December 1989, which subsequently toppled the regime of slain President Samuel Kanyon Doe in September 1990, characterized by huge rights violations.

Last year, Dr. Reeves – Taylor filed a lawsuit demanding over US$1m in damages for libel against the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) former Commissioner Madam Massa A. Washington who allegedly published fake information to expose the complainant to public hatred.

Dr. Reeves – Taylor said in that complaint which was filed before the Civil Law Court that Madam Washington’s actual motive and sinister intent [is] to lower her person in the high esteem of her colleagues.

She said the publications were found wanting, contrary to law, and therefore demanded damages from defendant Washington in the sum of US$1,500,000.00 for libelous statements uttered by the accused.

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