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Taylor’s dreaded bodyguard dies

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

Former President Charles Taylor’s dreaded bodyguard rebel general Macifierran Momo Jibba, is dead.

General Gebah (Jibba), who was famously known as “Bull Dog”, because of his body stature and build, reportedly died late Friday evening, November 25, 2022, in Monrovia.

The cause of his death is not known, but a close family source, who asked for anonymity, hinted that prolonged hypertension he suffered as probable cause of death.

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Though not directly indicted or investigated by any war crime investigators there were unconfirmed reports of brutality carried out by him against Liberians during the regime of jailed ex-president Taylor as ATU Commander.

The late General Macifierran Momo Jibba

The late Jibba came to prominence when he served as an aide to former President Taylor, leader of the erstwhile rebels National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL).

‘Bull Dog’ was born on April 9, 1966. He became public ridicule in Monrovia when told at a public gathering: “President Taylor donated me to the Liberia National Police.”

Before Taylor won the 1997 election, he (Taylor) along with others, including the late Professor Alhaji G. V. Kromah were members of a Five-man Collective Presidency that steered the state of affairs of Liberia in a transition to peace.

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During the reign of the five-man Council, each of the rebel leaders had to second some of their men to various national positions. It was in this vein that Councilman Taylor sent Jibba to serve as deputy director for operations of the Liberia National Police; hence, his famous statement: “President Taylor donated me to the Liberia National Police.”

Following the 1997 Presidential Election, President Taylor recalled ‘Bull Dog’ and made him one of his bodyguards. Jibba rose through the ranks and file, eventually becoming direct Aide-de-Camp and head of all bodyguards of the former President.

He led an overzealous operation of Taylor’s elite Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) in Lofa county that saw the death of the leader of the Lofa Defense Force, Francois Massaquio. The LDF was supposed an ally of Taylor government forces.  

Momo Jibba, who went by the Facebook profile Duayen P. Behn, joined Mr. Taylor’s NPFL rebels sometime in April 1990 when the rebel forces captured Bong Mines, where he had stayed before the invasion.

His educational level is unknown. However, he began his education at Zarweata Public School in Bong Mines. His father was a mechanic and ran a garage in John Hill Community, Bong Mines.

He was subsequently conscripted into the rebel movement; he became one of the loyal soldiers of the NPFL. He showed his loyalty by steaking by the side of Mr. Taylor until the very last day of his boss’ departure from Liberia on August 11, 2003, going into exile in Nigeria.

Some of those who were on the scene when Mr. Taylor was leaving his Congo Town residence, ‘White Flowers’ that fateful 11th of August, have said that ‘Bull Dog’ was seen weeping bitterly.

 A few years following Taylor’s departure, he degenerated financially and could be seen around Monrovia in rags. He was no longer that elegant soldier who once enjoyed ambiance and full respect from junior officers and others.

There were reports that he began using illicit drugs, including cocaine.

The late Momoh Jibba was married to Mrs. Tanneh Kojo Jibba, who presently resides in Edmonton, Canada. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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