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‘Team Bility’ Poised to woo Global Stakeholders

An inside source of ‘Team Bility’ for FIFA Presidency has disclosed that their man is poised to increase his chances in passing the integrity test by winning the hearts and minds of world football stakeholders in Paris. The second league forum slated for December 1st in Paris; follows the London forum that was held in April 2015.

Musa Bility has accepted the invite to the League Second Forum, a joint initiative of the English Premier League, the German BUNDESLEGA, the Spanish LaLiga and the French Ligue De Football Profesionel.

In a letter dated November 6th 2015 bearing the seal and signature of the four European league chieftains, it is stated that more than twenty leagues around the world will be in attendance to discuss issues of concern to football and the future of the game in the face of the disturbing state of affairs saddling the FIFA leadership.

The League forum has expressed concern about the outcome of the FIFA elections in the interest of improved governance and transparency systems and processes to overhaul the rot. The Second League Football forum stakeholders have indicated their interest in influencing the debate leading to the election of the next FIFA President.

It is in this regard that the endorsed candidature Musa Bility must lend itself to scrutiny and proffering of sound reform platform to save the lackluster face of local and international football. The letter of invite reads in part: “We would be honored if you would accept our invitation and present to our audience of leagues your views on the future of football, on the future of FIFA, on its governance, and on the role of the Leagues in the international landscape.

This would be a unique opportunity for all the leagues gathered in Paris and for you to exchange on the present challenges that football is facing and the role of professional football in this environment…”

Similar invite letter has been sent to other candidates and the stakeholders have been very upfront about the neutrality in not taking sides until an impression is made based on the quality of the message of candidates’ couple with their comparative advantage in track record.

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Team Bility consider the courtesy accorded by the Paris forum as a strategic platform to unveil their campaign mantra as an extension of uncompromising posturing displayed over the years at the level of CAF and FIFA. Musa Bility has provided a foretaste of his speech when he said: “We are going to remind the global football forum that we are harbingers of positive change-that is long before any of our colleagues aspire to it; we were victimized because we refused to be pliant and taciturn in the face of reactionary gimmicks that have brought us the ignominy and scandal; but we know all is not lost; we can work with progressive forces to effect the radical change that will sustainability develop and restore the eroded integrity of football locally and internationally.

In enhancing the fortunes of the world most popular sport, the Second League forum sees the nexus between developing local and international football. This is a fact in alignment with the expressed vision of Musa Bility when he addressed Liberian media after receiving his nomination confirmation last month.

Without pre-empting the fine details of his presentation in Paris, Musa Bility has promised to divulge radical and feasible reform agenda to impress even his contenders.

Musa Bility is also due to respond to an invite of Nordic Football Associations in Copenhagen on November 23rd. The Nordic block like the Second League forum are also eager to hear Bility’s revolutionary message in transforming the world football governing body.

By all stretch of imagination Bility has dazzled skeptics. Grapevine say ‘Team Bility’ can up its chances of garnering votes from this tours, should he put his acts together in displaying a remarkable feat of competence- befitting the office of FIFA President.

Locally, as leader of the Liberia Football Association, Bility has earned a bag of laurels for bailing out an ailing football league from the doldrums to a viable engagement that has awakened national fervor. The upward thrust of the national team is a testament to his astute managerial skill and commitment to developing football.


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