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Tecno Construction Ltd. Supports Pres. Weah Pro-poor agenda for Affordable Housing Units …..

An Italian Construction Company and The Government of Liberia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of 10,000 housing units across Liberia. The Executive Director of the National Investment Commission (NIC) Attorney Molewuleh B. Gray, signed on behalf of the Government of Liberia, while Tecno Construction Administrator Leonardo Inghilleri signed for his company.

Mr. Inghilleri says his company was invited by the Government of Liberia to help solve the housing problem faced by Liberians.Speaking at a local hotel in Monrovia, he discloses that Tecno Construction Limited has over 35 years experience in the construction business with certifications from the United States of America and Europe.

He says Tecno Construction is also registered with the Liberian Business Registry as a Liberian business and in partnership with a Liberian-based construction firm, Farafina Investment Group Inc.
According to him, Farafina Investment Group will be highly relied on in providing local expertise for the construction works as a means of providing jobs for skilled Liberians.

Farafina Investment Group Vice President and General Manager, Beni Diogo Kouyate, notes that as a local partner, President George Manneh Weah recently received in audience the top officials of the company including MR. Leonardo Inghilleri Administrator, Madam Maria Letizia Rabitti Area Manager, Marco Ridolfi Bizzarri Administrative –Financial Manager and Riccardo Sonzogni Technical Manger to discuss details of the housing units that will benefits thousands of Liberians.

Mr. Kouyate adds that they also held fruitful discussions with the Minister of State Minister for Presidential Affairs Minister Nathaniel McGill and received assurance of government’s full support.
According Farafina Investment group General Manager Beni Diogo Kouyate the housing unit’s projects will take up to three years throughout the Country thus proving jobs for skills and unskills Liberians.

He notes that more African countries are faced with housing problems and Liberia is no exception, adding that they are here to partner with Tecno Construction in making sure the Government of Liberia’s quest to provide affordable housing to Liberians becomes a reality.

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