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Rural News

Teenager Shot At Border

In the wake of extensive fighting at the Ivorian border with Liberia in Grand Gedeh County, stray bullets and gun shells are reportedly entering the Liberian town of B’hai Jozon, leaving one Liberian victimized and hundred others homeless. Little Cynthia Boiley 16, was hit by stray bullet in the eye after rebels from the Ivory Coast opened heavy fire near the Liberian Town of B’hai Jozon Town in Grand Gedeh County.

Aretha Boiley, the mother of the little girl, said her daughter was currently undergoing medical treatment at the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County as a result of the bullet wound.

According to Aretha, fighting broke up weeks ago in the Ivorian town of Danwein very close to the Liberian Town of B’hai Jozon where they live.

She said the shooting started at about 3:30 in the morning and continued up to 6:00 O’clock local time. She said during the shooting, there were empty gun shells and stray bullets entering the town from the Ivory Coast.

“We were all lying flat on our stomach in our rooms or houses because of the bullets that were entering our town, I thought they were fighting to capture the border. This reminded me when we were caught-up in our houses the same way during our war here in Liberia,” she said.

She explained that when the firing seized in the morning, she sent Cynthia in the bush to collect wood, and in the process, another firing began, noting that her daughter returned from the bush with blood rolling down her face. She added that when the girl was taken to the hospital, it was when she (Cynthia) explained that it was a bullet from the Ivory Coast.

According to reports, the girl now has to lose one of her eyes due to the bullet wound. Medical officers at the Jackson F. Doe Hospital could not speak to this paper on the severity or status of the girl because they had no authority to do so, according to them.

The parents of the child are soliciting assistance from NGOs and other well meaning Liberians to aide their daughter in seeking advanced treatment.

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