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Telecommunication, Major Tool for Development

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) Commissioner for Public and Consumer Affairs Lamini A Waritay, has described the telecommunications sector as a highly complicated technologically-driven entity with an overwhelming potential for its catalytic responsibility as a development resource.

He said there is absolutely no question today that telecommunications has become a major tool for development especially for developing countries like Liberia that have to “leap frog” in terms of development.

The LTA Commissioner said that by using the technology at the disposal of the telecommunications sector government can do so much for the Liberian people in terms of telemedicine, distant learning and in other areas.

He noted that prior to the advent of the LTA, the telecommunications sector in the country was distorted and with the introduction of the GSM technology, things became more complicated as our system was not prepared to absorb the new technology, a situation that led to the reform of the sector undertaken by the Liberian government in order to sanitize the sector so that ultimately, the government would maximize the benefits of the telecommunications sector for the generality of the Liberian people.

Commissioner Waritay was speaking at the weekend when he was certificated by the Progressive Alliance Movement of Liberia as the outstanding Commissioner of the year 2011-2012.

Speaking earlier, the National Chairman of the Movement Mr. Mamadee Keita said his organization felt compelled to present the certificate in recognition of Commissioner Waritay’s numerous contributions to the promotion, development and standardization of the country’s telecommunications sector.

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