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Temporary office announced for Margibi District Five

Following numerous complaints from people of Margibi County District#5, decrying lack of office for their lawmaker, a local phone charging booth has been identified as temporary office for Representative Clarence G. Gahr of district#5, pending construction for a district office.

The facility belongs to an office staff of the lawmaker, identified as Alex Fortune (Fat Boy).

The disclosure was made recently on two community radio stations in the district by the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Clarence and Friends Association (CFA) Karimu Fahnbulleh, while clarifying why Representative Gahr currently does not have an office in his district.

The CFA is the group that brought the lawmaker to prominence and led campaign for his election in 2017.

Representative Clarence G. Gahr, who succeeds former Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay, has led the district for more than a year without an office much to the displeasure of citizens.

Though Mr. Fahnbulleh initially struggled in denying that they are not using the charging booth as an office, he eventually conceded to local that the booth is being used temporarily as district office.

Fahnbulleh: “I just want to make something clear; we are not using Fat Boy’s booth as the office, but in case you have a letter in your hand and you want this letter to reach the Hon. Man, that’s the best place and that’s the place.”

“Fat Boy is responsible for that; I want to tell you that if you have a letter, just drop it there then it will reach to the Honorable man; that’s all.”

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However, he assures that an office will soon be built for the lawmaker, containing various headquarters adding, “Whorn we will have some sub- headquarters there, Weala will be the main headquarter in the Cinta Belt.”

Asked how the lawmaker has been interacting with citizens without a district office in one and half year, he answered: “You know this is a pro poor government and you know the man is just coming into office, so we are working out modality.”

Mr. Fahnbulleh reiterates if there is an emergency or a communication, it should be taken to Fat Boy’s Booth because he is responsible for that instead of going from one place to another in search of an office for Representative Gahr.

But many citizens say it is demeaning for an elected lawmaker who has been in at the Capitol for more than a year to not have an office in his district to interact with his constituents, suggesting that it would have been rather dignifying to even use his residence in the district as a temporary office than a charging booth, something which they consider an insult to the entire district#5.
Representative Clarence G. Gahr of Margibi District Five

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. Margibi –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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