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Consultancy: To Provide expert technical communication consultancy capacity building training for MAP ‘Land for Life’ Communication & Reporting Officer and two other staff from MAP Actors in Liberia and building/developing websites and domains for the MAP Initiative

The project ‘Land for Life – Making Policies Work for Food Security’ otherwise known as the MAP – Multi-Actor Partnership (MAP), launched in Liberia in 2017aims to facilitate the formation of a Multi-Actor Partnership (MAP) platform around land governance and responsible agricultural investment. Such a PLATFORM will bring together Government actors, CSOs, Private Sector, Academia, and Community representatives. Communication is a very essential component of the MAP, it is one of the effective and efficient tools that keeps the initiative very much connected to its many actors.

However, over the years this is one area that has proved to be a fundamental challenge for the initiative because of the huge and demanding role involved with communication. In order to ensure the MAP initiative achieves its desired results, the Communication and Reporting Officer must have the required skillset of effective communication- which includes the relevant tools, technical capacity and reporting expertise.

It is in this regard that the MAP Liberia Secretariat formulates this Terms of Reference to guide the selected consultant in providing expert technical communication training to strengthen the capacity of the Communication and Reporting Officer (CRO). Such capacity building package will deepen the knowledge of the CRO in carry out his duties in the most professional and effective manner. Additionally, the training will involve two staff from two of the MAP actors/organizations.

The objective of this consultancy is to provide a tailor-made capacity building training to the MAP Communication and Reporting Officer on the relevant tools and technical skills of effective and efficient communication.
Expected Outputs of this Consultancy
• Train MAP Communication and Reporting Officer and partner staffon the steps involved in creatingsocial media links, technical set up of blogs and email using organization as domain
• Guide the CRO and other participants on how to host/arrange online meetings/webinars (Business Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams)
• Support the communication and reporting officer tounderstand the basics on video and audio editing, steps and procedures
• Coach participants on the use of YouTube, including steps involved increating and uploading videos/documents. Linking the YouTube channel with MAP LfL website is a major concept for this aspect
• Provide skills in photography and writing (developing key messages, writing a story/a blog)
• Provide training on content management system WordPress to administer website (including uploading documents)
• Undertake study and present a basic understanding of the prevailing Liberian laws regarding the publication of photos, video material, and websites.
• Develop detailed and easy-to-understand training content/materials and share with MAP Secretariat for inputs.
• Outline the key tools / instruments (software) which the consultancy will roll out in training the CRO.
• In concert with the MAP Secretariat, develop timeline/schedule for rolling out the training.
• Strengthen the capacity of the CRO, other staff and after the training, provide a two-week on-the-job mentoring and coach support.
• Produce training report and recommendations and share with the secretariat.

Duration of the Consultancy
The consultancy will be carried out for three weeks (21 days) and in two phases beginning June 3, 2020 as follows:
Phase 1: Face-to-face capacity training for one week- June 3-9, 2020
Phase 2: Provide on-the-job mentoring and coaching support to the CRO after the training-June 10-23, 2020.

Availability to Provide Training Amid Covid-19
The consultant must be available during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide the training at a safe location selected in concert with the secretariat. The Secretariat and the consultant will come to terms with a feasible schedule for the face-to-face training. Such training will be provided safely in adherence of the guidelines underlined by the government on social distancing, wearing of face masks; perpetual washing of hands and avoiding large gathering to prevent COVID-19. The training will only involve four participants at most.
Indicate/state your daily consultancy fees per day.

 A good honors degree in social sciences, or mass media with minimum 4 years’ professional experience in designing and implementing comprehensive communications plans/activities ideally for INGO/NGOs.
 Additional knowledge and experience in land governance and responsible agricultural investment an added advantage.
 Good photography and graphic design skills Excellent report writing skills
 Good knowledge of consultancy and training skills.
Both Male &Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

 Bachelor’s degree in communications or related fields: Journalism, Sociology, English, Humanity, etc.
 Master degree is an asset.
 Excellent command of spoken and written English
Computer skills:
 Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel)
 Experience in photography
 Good working knowledge of modern office equipment (printers, scanners, etc)
 Knowledge in using graphics design software
Personal Skills:
 Proactive, creative and collaborative team member
 Intercultural competence
 Gender sensitive
 Willing to learn and share knowledge
 Professional and commitment to project demands

Starting date
 June 3, 2020
Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions are attractive and will take note of qualification and experience in determining remunerations and related personnel cost:
Duration: Twenty-One (21) Days
How to Apply: Interested candidates should apply by email to: The Administrator, Rights and Rice Foundation; email:, cc:;
Date of release of the Tender Announcement: May 13, 2020
Deadline for application: May30, 2020 @4:30PM.

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