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Terrorists in Liberia?

There is an allegory that suggests that “where there is smoke, there is a fire.” This maxim is in direct proportion to a widespread back-fence news circulation abroad. The terrorism news has been confirmed by a British international entity that Liberia is infested with terrorists as well as other unidentified revolutionaries or group of thugs waiting to strike in Liberia and create calamity or military devastation to innocent lives around Liberia. Liberians by any standards cannot afford another voluntary mayhem by scroungers at home and abroad.

If President Weah had not taken anything very serious since his preponderance to the highest political portfolio in the land (Liberia), this back-fence news should claim his paramount attention now and not later. Those of us who dwelled in the Diaspora do not compromise anything that is associated with thugs’ operations of any forms or shape. President Weah shouldn’t be in denial of terrorism underground activities in Liberia, this is because Liberia is 100% vulnerable and conducive to any nature of anarchism or discombobulation both externally and internally.

This calculated assumption is supported by the following testable hypotheses in Liberia. First, Liberia has three opened borders with Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast. The immigration officers at these borders are very impoverished like church rates. Terrorists or group of terrorists will need to $5.00 to cross into Liberia with no inspection of their baggage/luggage.

The Middle East radical terrorists are three times likely to use Guinea as a launching path to Liberia. Least Liberians forget, the radical Islamic Muslim terrorists often followed the foot-prints of their Muslim brothers and sisters to enter a particular nation with the intent of invading that country. Liberia has a sizable and active Muslim population that is capable of accommodating enough radical Islamic Muslim terrorists from the Middle East. A Muslim cannot turn another Muslim away despite his/her evil intentions. The Muslim in Liberia had been trying assiduously to Islamized Liberia for a very long time, this could be their dream come through with their support of the coming of radical Islamic Muslim terrorists to Liberia.

The late Foday Sankoh’s ex-rebels of the RUF and the Nigerian Boko Haram are three-times likely to take refuge in Liberia. There is a sizable Nigerian population in Liberia to host and help Boko Haram to flourish and establish their base in Liberia. There are enough Sierra Leonians to host the RUF in Liberia in other for such group to establish bases and begin to develop into a full-blown terrorist entity.

Furthermore, Liberia has about 16000 active ex-rebel fighters who are perfect candidates who are in waiting and ready to work with other outside terrorist groups to kill innocent Liberians and destroyed Liberia. The vicious and dangerous 16000 ex-Liberian-rebels fighters are prepared to welcome other foreign armed robbers who have been deported or expelled from the US and other parts of the world as bandits and drug pushers. Nonetheless, the ex-Liberian-warlords are also standing by to provide strategic expertise and planning for impacting terrorists’ education as well as admonish them as to who to strike and where to strike in Liberia.

Another frustrating dimension to this unwarranted episode or tale is the fact that Liberia is host to quarter of a million good and very bad foreigners, as such, there will be such dangerous operations underway in Liberia unknowingly to the entire Weah’s government until it is too late when groups of terrorists had already struck the homeland. The LNP is poorly structured, ill-equipped, lack-off advanced training, lack of logistics and no clearly defined operational focus as to what to do and what not to do during any terrorist attacks. The LNP has failed to curb armed robberies in the nation, let alone fight terrorist groups from within and abroad. The 4000 Liberian army has never been tried and tested on any fighting front at home or abroad. They, like their cousin, the LNP and the other security apparatus are three times vulnerable to terrorist attack at any time.

President Weah and his government should move swiftly to form an autonomous terrorist unit in the army and send them to France or the US for terrorist training, or they could be trained in Liberia as well. The government should also ask the French or the US government to maintain a certain number of troops in Liberia. UMIL departure was highly an unthinkable venture. It was a trap cleverly manipulated by the then President Sirleaf so that the incumbent President Weah can definitively fail when it comes to the security of the nation by any stretched of imagination—This terrorism rumors should be taken very, very seriously with concrete action by President Weah.

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