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Thank God I’m a Woman – Part I

The last time, a man was thanking God for making him a man. Was he crazy? Was he mad? Was he confused? Was he joking? Was he – I don’t know what to say seh. Well, I have good news for him. And that is, I thank God that I am a woman. I am glad I am a woman in this world comprising men and women.

The power a woman possesses is great, and it is undeniable. Thank God I am a woman. Adam heard direct instructions from God about the forbidden fruit. Mother Eve ate the fruit and forced him to eat some, too. He succumbed under the power of a woman. Thank God I am a woman.

Women can penetrate any man, easily getting any sensitive information they want. Didn’t Delilah do it to Samson? Didn’t he tell her the secret of his strength? I am happy I am a woman.

All these stupid, usable creatures called men, working around here, were all given birth to by women. Without us, their existence would be impossible, except where God would continuously come down to make them out of the dust of the ground. Thank God I am a woman.

Bus isn’t it a great thing, that it is women that born all of the great men that have ever worked this earth? A woman born Moses. A woman born Abraham. A woman born David and Solomon. A woman born Jesus. A woman born Mohammed. A woman born Confucius. A woman born …. Wow! The giving of life is associated with us. I am glad that I am a woman.

Women are powerful and wonderful people. We can cause a man to waste his salary on us like water. There is something in us that can cause men to be hot to spend on us. I am really glad that I am a woman.

They are hot to send us to school or pay our school fees, while their children are put out of school. They are hot to pay our rent, while they owe their landlords. They are ready buy or build houses for us, while they themselves have none. They are anxious to buy land for us, while they themselves or their children have none. Yes, it is great to be a woman.

Men are hot to spend on our friends and relatives, but unwilling to do so for their own relatives. I am really thankful I am a woman. They – that is, men – are hot to take us to lunch and spend their money like water, although we are scarcely willing to do the same for them. Shouldn’t I be happy that I am a woman?

Don’t forget, too, that we women have breasts. They usually send men crazy. In short, men love them, especially when they shake friskily or bounce like some Firestone ball before them. I swear to God; I am happy I am a woman.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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