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Thanking God For Everything Na Easy – Part I

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Don’t ask. Da me again.Da me Paul. My mou’hna scared. I can talk the thing them just like that. Whether people vex-o or they na vex-o, da na my business. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Da me say so.

Hear this one. Just yesterday, while driving to work, I saw on a private car an inscription which read: “Give thanks to the Lord for everything.”

I was already thinking about what to write on today. So I consider it a blessing that a car with such writing on it came my way. I couldn’t be happier. I yelled “Bingo!” in my car. I had found a topic to write on for today.

It is easy and interesting to tell people to thank God for everything, but is there anyone who has really even done that? Or, still, is there anyone who can do it? Hmm, tell God “Thank you” for everything? Dis one here, my people, it na easy. Da lie, my people?

By the way, for the “everything” that happens, does it refer to man-caused everything, nature-caused everything or both? Besides, if it is man-caused everything, who should do the thanking? Should it be the person causing it to happen, or the person to whom it happens?

Anyway, let’s assume that it is both man-caused and nature-caused occurrences we are talking about, and it is the person to whom they happen that is to do the thanking. If this is the case, then this one here da putting bad luck in somebody’s pocket. Da lie, my people. No, da na lie.

Imagine a civil servant who was hoping that his monthly salary would be increased by the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government. He has four children besides his grandparents living with him. Unfortunately, the government failed to add a dime to his salary. Should we expect this civil servant to say: “Great God of heaven and earth, I wish to thank you very much for the failure of the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf government to increase my salary”? Tell God “Thank you” for everything? It na easy.

Imagine another one. A seventeen-year-old girl lives with her single-parent mother in Paynesville. Her mother leaves her sleeping in the room and goes to the Red Light market to buy the day’s food. An HIV-positive man enters the house and rapes the innocent girl. Are we saying the girl should say, “Father God, I want to thank you very much for being a rape victim of this HIV-positive man?” Are we also saying that the girl’s poor mother should say, “God, I don’t know how to thank you for the experience my daughter has just had?” Tell God “Thank you” for everything? It na easy.

Think about another one. A parent’s five-year-old child is coming from school. A heart man grabs him, takes him to the nearest bush and slaughters him, extracting certain parts from the dead boy’s body. Are we saying the parent should thank God for what has happened to her child? My people, thanking God for everything is not easy-o.

This is another one. A loving husband comes from out of town. He was there working hard to find money to take care of his family. He comes home and finds one of his male neighbors balanced on top of his wife like an angry lizard, eating her wide way, sweating like nobody’s business in the process. Are we saying the poor husband should thank God for what is happening to his own wife on his own bed in his own room? It na easy-o, my people.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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