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The AFL upholding its peacekeeping duty

Liberia is retaking its place on the global stage in maintaining international peace and security with the deployment of troops of the Armed Forces of Liberia on peace mission in Mali and shortly, to South Sudan. Indeed, peace is a sine qua non to fostering economic, political and social cohesion in the comity of nations.

A platoon of the newly restructured AFL is currently serving in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali that is fending off Islamic jihadists and maintaining regional peace and stability.

Although the Armed Forces of Liberia lost one soldier and several others sustained injuries in Mali as a result of attack from roaming jihadists, our boys are up to the task since they were embedded with the Nigerian Contingent in 2013.

This nation owes it not only to the entire region, but the rest of the world in giving back, because they came to our rescue when we needed them. Nations from Africa, Europe and Asia under the umbrella of the United Nations in 2003 deployed 15,000 multinational peacekeeping force in Liberia, which successfully achieved ceasefire, disarmament and restored civilian administration thru UN-supervised democratic elections.

It is in this vein that we welcome news that the Government of Liberia has received request from the United Nations to send troops for peacekeeping mission to South Sudan where prolonged civil war has left hundreds of thousands of people dead.

We urge our men and women in arm to continue to keep the courage as they take up peacekeeping mission abroad. The world has become a global community in which what affects one member of the community, affects rest of its members.

Liberia’s peace mission history is traced to the 1960s when the first booths of AFL soldiers stepped on the soil of Congo where they served with distinction and honor, and came home with pride after their peacekeeping duty.

That historic mission to Congo has been documented as one of the best in UN peacekeeping missions around the world even up to today. The restructured AFL seems determined to maintaining this legacy in flying the national flag high.

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Members of the AFL are soldiers for good, both at home and abroad. They must be encouraged and supported in flying the Flag of Liberia while on peacekeeping missions abroad. They are our finest to the world.

We therefore call on authorities of the Ministry of National Defense in Monrovia to provide everything that is required to make our troops going for peace duty abroad focus on their mission in order to serve with diligence and distinction as they had done in the past.


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