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The April 12, 1980 Coup and Its Actuality

The adage “one  would never  realize the importance of a well until it runs dry” always reminds me about the barbaric murder on April 12, 1980 of Liberia’s most progress President, the late rev. Dr. William Richard Tolbert, Jr. Liberia’s 19th President was killed in cold blood in his apartment at the Executive Mansion and his government overthrown for “rampant corruption, misuse of public offices.

Etc., etc. Who actually killed President Tolbert and overthrew his government and how did it actually happen, Liberians continue to be made to believe by a few of their well-schooled compatriots, especially those who one way or the other, associated with the coup and its preceding activities, that “a group of 17 drugged and undesirable foot soldiers of the Liberia National Guard, now Armed Forces of Liberia, who bare completed primary education as evidenced by the inability of many of them to pronounce their own western names staged the April 12, 1980 Coup.

According to these individuals, some of whom shortly felt went at loggerheads with the so-called coup plotters and are still around in |Monrovia, the 1980 April 12, overthrow of President Tolbert came as a result of the built-up of tension resulting from injustice, cruelty and deprivation perpetrated by the True Whig Party and its associates against indigenous Liberians for a long period of time.

It must first of all be discounted now and onward that the 1980 April 12 Coup was staged by the so-called 17 enlisted LNG men led by Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe-so way. The actuality, as provided by some former officers and personnel present at the Executive Mansion on the morning of April 12 and also the late Mrs. Victoria Tolbert, is that Tolbert was killed and overthrown by mercenary holding membership with the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA because he was perceived the American Administration at the time as a ‘radical’ and threat to the economic and political interest of the United States as they relate to Liberia’s oil and iron ore, as well as the Middle East situation involving Israel and the Palestinians.

In addition to the above, the American administration then, blamed Dr, Tolbert for the sudden death of their Ambassador months after the President was inaugurated upon the death of William V.S. Tubman in a London Clinic in 1971.

Tolbert was never killed because of the reasons earlier attributed a few Liberian progressives who initially associated with those ‘semi-illiterate soldier boys’, but the perception of being a threat to American interest. This is the truth our so-called educated progressives have failed to tell the people of Liberia.

The President was just a victim of the situation he inherited, and was trying to correct the situation as evidenced by the incorporation of more indigenous Liberians, including women in his administration, having realized that administrations before his, including Tubman had made indigenous Liberians under-privileged citizens under cruelty.

To be continued.

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