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The Bad Side of Capitol Hill in Monrovia

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Capitol Hill – west of Central Monrovia, has been and continues to be the center of attraction of the Liberian Administration.

Like Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C, it is the administrative and political center of the nation’s capital. Capitol Hill was name against the backdrop of the location of the Capitol Building.

While it may be reflective of the name of Capitol Hill in Washington ,D.C in the United States, it differs in many ways including size, residency, as well as the historic nature of the structures in the Washington neighborhood.

Capitol Hill in Monrovia hosts the branches of the Liberian Government – the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. This means the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives and Liberian Senate, the President of Liberia and the Chief Justice and Associate Justices are all based on Capitol Hill even though they do not live there (except for the President of Liberia). In addition to these, several government institutions are also located on Capitol Hill just as in Washington, D.C., including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Information, Culture and Tourism and Lands, Mines and Energy; the Liberia National Police, the University of Liberia, as well as the Catholic-run Stella Maris, among others.

Interestingly with the presence of all of these national institutions, something very discouraging, if not very bad, continues happen. Whether deliberate/intentional or not, walk through or drive through Capitol Hill at night or even during the early morning hours – between 4:30 and 6:00 am, and you would observe the very bad side and

don’t-care attitude we exhibit against our existence as a nation – the place is very DARK not even befitting of the seat of any government.

Like me, for those who begin engaging Capitol Hill from First Street driving or walking towards the University of Liberia up to the Bye-Pass-UN Drive intersection to through to Camp Johnson Road, complete darkness along these routes – no lights (street lights or whatsoever) at the Executive Mansion; the same at the Capitol Building; the Temple of Justice – complete darkness even at the National Police headquarters and entire Capitol Bye-pass; what just the hell are we up to, with all of the huge budgetary allotments, especially for the Capitol Building, Executive Mansion and Temple of Justice? What the hell really going on mehn – it’s a complete disgrace to us as a government and people?

Most of the very officials of these institutions of government are very much aware of how brightened Capitol Hill was during the Tubman Era- the Tolbert Era- and even the days of Samuel Kanyon Doe, but refused to make Capitol Hill once more a decent place to see at night.

Because there was light all over the place from the Foreign Ministry to the Mansion; to the Capitol; UL, the Temple of Justice; at the Police Station, there was real life not only for the beauty of the Monrovia neighborhood at night, but also residents.

Why would public officials who work with the three branches of government – members of the Senate and House of Representatives; the President, as well as the Chief Justice and Associate Justices, among others exercise the highest degree of complacency in making Capitol Hill a glittering city within a city at night? Don’t they see other capitals when they travel? What then do they bring back to justify their foreign travels to positively impact life here in Monrovia – the Capital of Liberia.

Look at Robertsfield –whether at night or in the day; drive between Robertsfield and ELWA Junction at night – what the hell really going on here mehn? We criticize others when they’re in power even when they strive for higher heights; we even condemn them for the little they do to improve lives; they even instigate violent conflicts under the canopy of bad governance and under-development, but see now – where they work and reside on Capitol Hill is so bad off. God’s intervention is my only option for a better Liberia tomorrow.


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