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The Call to Address the Threat of Unrestricted and Perpetual Civil Disobedience Issued by Liberian Muslim

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The New Dawn, in its Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Editorial, drew the attention of the Government of Liberia to the May 19 threat of “unrestricted and perpetual civil disobedience against Christian Theocratic laws and policies”, i.e, should there be any attempt towards the Christianization of Liberia.

The paper’s EDITORIAL-titled: Addressing the Threat of “Unrestricted and Perpetual Civil Disobedience”, questioned the conspicuous silence Members of the Liberian Senate to whom the Muslim Community presented a resolution, through President Pro Tempore Armah Jallah, as well as the Executive Branch of Government, since the issuance of the threat on May 19.

What may be of more concern and threat to the well-being of other well-meaning Liberians is the call for the mobilization all Imams and Muslim leaders throughout the length and birth of Liberia to begin mass sensitization of all Muslims in the country in response to what they termed “such a well-calculated religious attack”, according to the Editorial.

It is important to join the New Dawn family in reminding the Government of Liberia to take this matter very seriously.

In the Muslim world, such threat- especially regarding the issue of Christianity and Islam, means there is already something sinister in the making- only awaiting something little for implementation. And this is something that the Government of Liberia must not take for granted.
Borrowing from the New Dawn’s Editorial, the current Islamic Boko Harram terroristic onslaught on the people of Nigeria has its genesis in “the protest against Western Education” by a certain group of Nigerian Muslims. Today, we are all testimonies to the huge losses and untold hardship segments of the Nigerian population continue undergo, despite the high level of progress being made by the military with assistance from neighbouring countries, including Chad.

On May 19, some Liberian Muslims- under the guise of protesting the Christianization of Liberia, began mobilizing all imams and Islamic Leaders and their followers to begin the sensitization against their so-called claims- meaning that all Muslims should get ready for an “unrestricted and long-running civil disobedience across the country” in case of any attempt by the Legislature to legislate Proposition 24 and all 25 prepositions reached at the March Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga, organized by the Constitution Review Commission.

While some members of the Christian Community may have descending opinions on the decision reached in Gbarnga to legislate Christianity as a state religion in Liberia, it is equally unfair for the Muslims to thrive on the path of violence – we must all begin to publicly condemn them for abandoning the right path. Issuing a position statement to the Liberian Senate without such threat to our national security and existence would have even won them more support from members of the Christian Community who do not support the Christianization of Liberia. Christians opposed to the foregoing, would have even joined them to lobby against the passage of such preposition(s).

But again, because the security of the people of Liberia lies in the hands of the government, it is incumbent upon members of the Legislature, the Presidency and members of the Executive Branch to wake up from their slumber and act accordingly in the interest of the state, amid the threat issue by the Muslims.

The Government of Liberia must be reminded about the old Liberian adage which says ” if a blind man says he will stone you, it means he already has a rock in his hands”. Who knows whether or not the Liberian Muslims have been and are still rally support from the Arab/Muslim World using the current issue? Who knows whether or not they are not even in contacts for collaboration with Boko Harram, Al-Shaba or Islamic State for whatever plan they have- of course, using the issue of Christianizing Liberia? Who knows whether or not they have not been giving inflated impressions about anti-Muslim sentiments in Liberia to these terroristic organizations as a way of attracting financial and material support for their plan against Liberia?

These are questions over which the Government of Liberia must be puzzling to address the threat of “unrestricted and perpetual civil disobedience” issued on May 19 in their resolution to the Liberian Senate, through President Pro Tempore Armah Jallah.

More frustratingly, civil society organizations and political institutions on which the people of Liberia depend whenever their interest(s) are threatened continue to remain very mute, without any comments to bring the Muslims to order.

By now, many would have thought that the so-called protesters would have been taken to task, but to no avail- probably, because the government that has the responsibility for the security of the state and its people has refused to puit the Muslims in order.


If the government is only waiting for their plan to be hatched before intervening, it would be the worst mistake ever since 1847.

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