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The CDC-led government is on the defensive of organized killing IG Sudue makes President Weah very happy with unfounded falsities

An unimpeachable source familiar with this story revealed that President Weah likes to listen to lies and gossip from his subordinates.  As such, the President’s itching ears would no doubt be 100% always attractive to terrible unfounded lies and very harmful gossip from officials who are overzealously listening on behalf of President Weah.

Interestingly, a President who often listens to lies and gossip from his key subordinates their paychecks never stalled. But those officials that tell the President truth stories their paychecks often stalled and, in some instances, they are quickly replaced by top-key liars in government or they are three-times prone to get fired by the President himself-so, the government becomes pregnant with a bunch of liars.

This is the case with Col. Patrick Toe Suedue, Liberia Inspector General of Police who is doing everything to keep his monthly paycheck by making President Weah very happy with manufactured lies regarding the ongoing well-organized ritualistic killing spree in Liberia, especially Monrovia.

The veteran IG is now among the congregation of liars regarding the ongoing organized killing spree sweeping across Liberia. For example, the veteran IG concorded: “The ritualistic killing is a fake news being propagated by the opposition parties”, “Liberian oppositions are making up stories to damage the CDC-led government image”, “ANC partisan post a fake dead person picture in his chat room on Facebook and termed the death as ritualistic killing, which was nothing but the false story”, “The IG told the head (Bryon Brown) of Citizens United Against Ritualistic Killings (CURK) in Grand Bassa county that: “there is only one ritualistic death in the country, the rest are unconfirmed ritualistic killings across Liberia.”

But the IG and President Weah are vividly familiar with one particular sad event, that is on Friday, October 1, 2021, President Weah celebrated his 55th birthday. It was on the same Friday, October 1, 2021, another innocent elderly Liberian woman was gruesomely murdered in Samukai Town, Upper Caldwell, Montserrado county. The IG and President do not deny this sad event even though the IG has continued to bury his head in shame as he qualified other ritualistic killings as fake news. Moses Carters, the LNP’s spokesperson tries to twist his tongue on the Caldwell murder on the day of the President’s 55th birthday celebrations but he also couldn’t defend President Weah nor sing for a rejected IG.

The gruesome murder of the elderly woman in Samuka Town on President Weah’s birthday coupled with other verifiable murders of innocent Liberians is far more attention-driven than the IG’s massive defensive strategies which truly exposed the CDC-led government security apparatus gross incompetence to protect lives and properties. Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the political leader of the People Liberation Party (PLP) refused to hold back his tongue when he called on the IG to resign. What is discouraging is the fact that the CDC-led government’s defensive tactics have emphatically infuriated thousands and thousands of Liberians.

The government scare tactics have hardened the hearts of Liberians to conclude that the CDC-led government of President Weah is not innocent of the organized killing spree around Liberia especially where President Weah has conspicuously remained mute if though no killings are going on in Liberia.

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What is even astonishing and very shamefully is the fact that innocent Liberians are being murdered under the noises of the Liberia National Police, Liberian Immigration Services, National Security Agency, NSA, Ministry of National Security, Executive Mansion Special Forces, Armed Forces of Liberia, and other paramilitary and private security apparatus, yet the murderers are having a momentous feast day taken the lives of innocent Liberians with President Weah turning his blind eyes on such gruesome killings in Liberia. This is a clear message to all Liberians that President Weah is more interested in consolidating his power rather than protecting the lives of innocent Liberians.

The good news is that the Vice President of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Jewel Howard Taylor has vehemently distanced herself from the IG’s huge deceptions. The VP is rather on the offensive. She has joined forces to forcibly decry the ongoing killing of innocent Liberians almost daily. She challenged Justice Minister Musa Dean to investigate the unstoppable murders of innocent Liberians across Liberia.

VP Taylor stressed that as a mother, “I will stand up to the occasion and distinguish myself.” But on the contrary, her boss President Weah has chosen to remain tight-lipped on the organized killing spree across Liberia especially in Monrovia. VP Taylor calls on the LNP not to hide or shield themselves behind the normal slogan: “limited resources.” She lashed out at the LNP/IG to move swiftly to provide security and protection for all Liberian citizens, something she said they “signed up for to protect lives and properties”-Says VP: Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/is-the-cdc-led-government-potentially-unable-to-enforce-law-and-order-as-organized-killing-spree-surges-across-liberia/

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