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The Challenge Now Is Ours as a People Come 2017

By now, many Liberians across the country may be extremely disappointed with the Legislative Branch of the Liberian Government, most especially the House of Representatives about their continuous conduct.

Many are of the fervent belief that representation, lawmaking and oversight – the core functions of Members of the House of Representatives, are a distance from their true purposes as defined by the 1986 Liberian Constitution.

While a few members of the House of Representatives maybe up to the task as per the actualities of the afore mentioned core functions, most Members of the august body continue to be in pursuance of “personal interests”, so much so that whatever they pass or ratify make no impact on the socio-economic well-being of the Liberian communities.

What is extremely disappointing, as believed by many Liberians, is the attitudes of the lawmakers when it comes to major decision-making in the interest of the nation and its people. Regrettably and unfortunately, most legislative decisions maybe on the basis or influence of ‘inducements’ and not the interest of the people of Liberia they represent at the Capitol.

The recent issue of the Speaker’s recusal and subsequent removal, as well as the circumstances characterizing the action is a classic manifestation of the unfavorable conduct of our representatives.

To further exacerbate the frustration of the Liberian people are the current trends of events at the Capitol and the Supreme Court regarding the adjournment of sessions until next January by deputy Speaker and Presiding Officer Hans Barchue and the election of a new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In earnest, the way things have been and are proceeding on Capitol Hill may not be befitting of a responsible Legislature – all under the canopy of “numbers” and not ‘law or Constitution’.

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While we maybe in agreement with those who subscribe to the concept of “numbers” in the House of Representatives, decision-making are also on the basis of their Rules (Representatives) and the Constitution of Liberia; and overshadow the latter for the former maybe in total disregard to their core functions.

But again, we as a people are to blame, especially for the decision we make at the poll during elections. Our decisions are not on the basis of substantive judgment, but sentiments and inducements during the process.

In the wake of the current trends of politically desecrating events on Capitol Hill, the challenge is now ours as a people in the various electoral districts of Liberia to make the necessary and substantive decisions, this time, at the poll come 2017.

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