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Lookin Inside from Outside

The Complexity of Liberian Politics

It must be understood that when critical issues are raised with or against an individual, group of individuals or institution, it is not from the perspective of malice or political demonization, but internal realization, renewal and progress for the benefit of the nation and its people.

On many occasions, other than constructively engaging such critics in good faith to adequately understand the perspective from which these matters are raised, the institution or individual about whom the criticisms are harbours the negative perception of hatred and vengeance in response to such intellectual exercise.

The foregoing is very typical of Liberian politicians, as well as past and present governments and their officials. Many a time critics are either hunted or denied jobs and other opportunities in the country.

In a few instances regarding the political leadership of the country, some critics of the president or government are given jobs and other benefits as a way of silencing them or watering down their political agitations, especially so when the facts/realities are imbedded.

In our dear country nowadays, it is undoubtedly the reality that politics is characterized by sentiments and platitudes not only to the ruling establishment and its head, but also leaders of political institutions and civil society organizations.

Most often, these leaders or heads are always on the better or right sides, owing to the fact that they may have founding ownership of these institutions or even be financing them through contacts and other means. And anyone who prefers another approach for a holistic benefit finds himself in ‘policy differences’.

In such situation, he or she is either “brought on board”, marginalized or “kicked out”. That’s the way the whole show is run in our dear and loving country.

Looking inside Liberian party politics for example, most political leaders or Standard Bearers with party ownership or ‘cash’ are the final arbiter of economic justice. By virtue of the foregoing, they and those they believe in possess the ability to determine the destiny of the party even to the detriment of their partisans.

This is the actual political situation characterizing Liberia’s main opposition Congress for Democratic Change or CDC, initially conceived in the United States by former international soccer legend, George Manneh Weah.

To be Continued.

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